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  • Abdominal Resistance Fitness Roller
  • Abdominal Resistance Roller
  • AB Abdominal Exercise Roller
  • Abdominal Resistance Fitness Roller
  • Abdominal Resistance Roller
  • AB Abdominal Exercise Roller

SW1 Smart AB Wheel

The design of our intelligent abdominal muscle roller wheel especially increases the area of the rubber part, which increases the friction with the ground and keeps it more stable during exercise. Through the built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, the abdominal muscle wheel can be connected with the mobile APP, interact with the APP function module, and complete the exercise of the abdomen and other parts safely and efficiently.

SW1 Smart Abdominal Trainer Roller Wheel Features

  • Automatic Counting

    Breakthrough the design and use mode of the traditional AB roller equipment, we connect the abdominal roller exercise equipment with a cell phone through Bluetooth 5.0 to visualize fitness data. The smart abdominal wheel automatically records the number of times the user exercises and calories burned. Let users know how much they exercise and help them adjust their training plan. (Increase or decrease the amount of exercise). Our abdominal muscle wheel provides three modes - timed training, counting training, and PK mode.

    SW1 Smart Abdominal Trainer Roller Wheel Features
  • Anti-slip Handles

    Our abdominal muscle roller needs no installation. The interior of our abdominal muscle training roller is made of high-quality stainless steel and the exterior is made of ABS, which can withstand a maximum weight of 150kg (330lbs). Handle and outer wheels are designed to prevent sliding during use. For beginners to complete the action to provide good support, help, and protection from injury. The handle of our abdominal muscle fitness wheel has a built-in heart rate sensor, which detects the user's heart rate during use and displays the heart rate data on the APP.

    SW1 Smart Abdominal Trainer Roller Wheel Features
  • Low Noise

    The surface of our abdominal training wheel is made of soft silicone, which will not damage the indoor floor with shock absorption and anti-slip characteristics, and will not generate noise during use. This abdominal muscle resistance fitness roller is very suitable for people who like to exercise at home, and will not disturb the family and neighbors.

    SW1 Smart Abdominal Trainer Roller Wheel Features

SW1 Smart Abdominal Muscle Fitness Roller Wheel Details

  • 01.
    Built-In High-Elasticity Spring

    The intelligent abdominal muscle fitness wheel SA1 has a built-in high-elasticity spring. Wear-resistant and quiet, comfortable movement.

  • 02.
    Automatically Rebound

    The intelligent abdominal resistance fitness roller SA1 can automatically rebound, fully ensuring the safety of trainers training at home.

  • 03.
    300KG, 300mAh and 2 Months

    The entire AB abdominal exercise roller can withstand a maximum force of 300KG, built-in 300mAh lithium battery, and has a standby time of up to 2 months without charging troubles.

SW1 Smart AB Roller Exercise Equipment Specifications

MaterialABS + TPE, TPU
WirelessBuilt-in BT4.2, support BLE
LEDLED light screen display
Batterybuilt-in 300Ah Lithium battery, 1.5H fully charge, last for 2 months
StabilityThickened steel pipe, up to 300KG
NoiseRubber material, non-slip wear-resistant, mute during exercise
Packing listScale*1; USB cable*1; User Manual*1
Smart TypeSupport connect to Smart Life APP
CertificateCE, FCC, and RoHS
Working temperature0℃~+50℃
Working Humidity0%~90%RH
Storage temperature-20 °C to 70 °C

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