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The Right Way to Use Abdominal Muscle Wheels

Ⅰ. Use the abdominal muscle wheel to not slump the waist, clamp the buttocks to make the waist arch

Let's talk about how the abdominal muscle wheel collapses first. Many of our players will have a more serious collapse when they are training the abdominal muscle wheel. The stomach cannot hold back, so the spine bends downwards, which is called a collapsed waist.

The collapse of the waist will cause our spine to hyperextension, because when we get up, the force of the feet on the ground and the force of the abdominal muscles will squeeze our spine, resulting in spinal hyperextension, that is, lumbar pain.

There are also some people who completely use the collapsed waist as an action. For example, when many girls are doing the kneeling ab wheel equipment, their hips are very high and their waists are deeply collapsed. This is also a collapsed waist.

In fact, her abdominal muscles were not exerting any force at all, but her arms were swaying around. This method does not necessarily hurt the waist, but it must not have the effect of training the abdomen. So this kind of abdominal muscle wheel is not called the abdominal muscle wheel, it should be called the shoulder wheel.

During the correct abdominal muscle wheel training, there must be no collapse of the waist. At the same time, everyone needs to pay attention to the fact that the lower back is not completely straight. A straight back is actually not good for our core and abdominal muscles.

In order to better stimulate our abdominal muscles and core strength, generally we have to clamp the buttocks and at the same time have a certain degree of arching at the waist. This range can be determined according to one's own ability. Generally, the stronger the core strength, the smaller the arching range.

Why arch it up? It is to rely less on our lower back strength and at the same time stimulate our body's front abdominal muscles more, so as to complete the stimulation of the abdominal muscles and core.

Ⅱ. The use of the abdominal muscle wheel cannot relax the shoulders, and the scapula should be stretched forward and locked

The second is that when many of our players practice the abdominal muscle wheel, the shoulders always feel unsupported, and the shoulders will be seriously strained. This situation is actually very common.

The main reason for shoulder strain is that our shoulders are too relaxed, so the rotator cuff or deltoid muscle is stretched too much. If the strength is increased at this time, it will lead to a large area of muscle tearing, which is the Principle of shoulder strain.

And another disadvantage of shoulder relaxation is that you can't get up after holding down, because after the shoulders are relaxed, the sinking degree is particularly large, far beyond the range of shoulder stability, so it will be difficult to get up again.

Some incompetent players may knock their teeth off if their shoulders are too relaxed. This is no joke. After going down, I can't hold it, it's not that the abdominal muscles are weak, but the shoulders are too relaxed.

Generally, when we practice the abdominal muscle wheel, the shoulders should be kept tense. Pay attention to the tension of the forward extension, not the retraction and clamping of the scapula during the bench press, that is, the shoulders are pressed down and then locked.

Therefore, our shoulders should be relatively forward, closer to the ground than the chest muscles, and then buckle our shoulders inward, which is called forward locking. In street fitness terms, this posture is called "empty back".

Ⅲ. The core training method of the abdominal muscle wheel is different from the abdominal muscle training method

In addition, the abdominal muscle wheel is strictly a core training movement. Don't look at the abdominal muscle pain when it is just practiced, in fact, this movement mainly stimulates the coordination of the four parts of the waist, abdomen, hips and legs, thereby improving our spinal stability or core strength.

1. But with a little change, it can be used to practice the abdominal muscles. Generally speaking, when training the abdominal muscles, try to use the kneeling posture.

At the same time, the arm should not be fully extended but should be deliberately bent. Then the specific abdominal muscle wheel is generally enough to be placed under the forehead, and the trajectory of the abdominal muscle wheel does not need to be too long, as long as the abdominal muscle feels stretched, it can be recovered.

2. The core training rules are different from the abdominal muscles. We generally recommend that players keep their arms as straight as possible, which can make our body leverage longer and improve coordination ability.

At the same time, if you can use a standing posture, then try to use the standing posture as much as possible. The core practice method is to extend the body leverage, so as to coordinate our waist, abdomen, hip, and leg coordination ability.

When we master the correct posture of the abdominal muscle wheel, then the exercise of this action will be much simpler, and at the same time, it will be closer to our purpose, so that the abdominal muscle wheel can be better used.