Shenzhen Yan Xing Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yan Xing Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Rich Experience

    Our 3 professional R&D teams contained 70+ engineers,who has been focusing on smart fitness products for many From ID design to structural design, hardware platform selection, software stability and product reliability testing and other R&D steps, we have accumulated valuable design experience and test cases to ensure that each product is designed to withstand market choice and consumer usage.

    Our 2 factories have a total of 12 production lines, which are managed by ERP system and self-developed MES system. We have cooperation experience with many major customers and can provide professional production delivery services and after-sales services.

  • Professional After-sales Service

    We have established an independent after-sales service team, and build a complete after-sales service system. A number of customer services and after-sales engineers with software and hardware analysis capabilities to communicate with customers' after-sales demands. Provide accurate analysis, maintenance plan and quotation for reworked equipment. Complete the repair within the specified time and arrange for the repaired equipment to be delivered to the customer.

  • Professional R&D Process

    In the product definition stage, we will do detailed market research, communicate with customers on-demand, define the most suitable smart tech fitness equipment for market demand after analysis, give a project plan, and start the project after reaching an agreement with the customer.

    In the product design stage, the product ID design, hardware design, software design, joint debugging, and packaging design need to be carried out in each project stage of functional testing and reliability testing which will be strictly implemented according to the needs, responsible for customers and the market.

    Process Of Fit Smart Fitness Products OEM And ODM