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Massage gun, a must-have for fitness professionals

Relaxing the fascia and muscles after exercise and fitness is a necessary step. Compared with relaxation by foam rollers and massage, the fascia gun can achieve a faster frequency and strength than artificially.

The fascia gun uses the principle of shock dynamics to transmit vibrations to the deep fascia muscles of the human body, relax tight muscles, untie muscle and fascia adhesions, and eliminate muscle stiffness, pain, and dysfunction caused by fascia limitation and injury, Thereby relaxing the fascia and reducing muscle tension. Therefore, the efficiency is higher and the effect is excellent.

Types of Electric Fascia Massage Guns from YANXING FIT

Benefits Of Using A Massage Gun

Benefits Of Using A Massage Gun

Through high-frequency vibration, the stiffness and soreness of the muscles can be eased by the massage vibration gun, and the effect of deep relaxation of the muscles and fascia can also be achieved. And this effect is no less than that of a professional massage technician.

The sensitivity of each part of the body is different. Our wholesale massage gun has a multi-level selection of strength. Moreover, to maximize the massage effects, our pro home massage gun muscle massager can also be matched with different massage heads to fit different needs.

Small size and easy to carry, the portable muscle massager can be operated with one hand. It can massage and relax muscles anytime, anywhere.

Innovative OEM ODM Massage Gun Manufacturer
Relax, recover, repeat with our customizable massage guns

YANXING FIT is an OEM/ODM massage gun manufacturer with several advantages of producing fascia gun. Firstly, the company has a team of experienced engineers and designers who can provide customized massage fascia gun solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients for muscle fascia massage gun. This ensures that their clients get exactly what they need, and can differentiate themselves in the market. Secondly, YANXING FIT uses high-quality materials and components to manufacture its massage guns, which ensures durability, reliability, and longevity. Thirdly, this massage gun company is committed to quality control and testing, which ensures that its professional fascial gun meets the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and performance. Overall, YANXING FIT's expertise, quality, and commitment make them an ideal partner for companies looking to enter the massage gun market.

Custom Massage Gun

How Massage Guns Work?

An electric fascia gun is a device that allows you to relieve muscle fatigue and relax, and is a kind of soft tissue rehabilitation tool.  This smart fitness equipment relieves and treats soft tissue pain and stimulates muscles through high-frequency vibration, so as to relieve muscle lactic acid accumulation, pain and soreness.

The electric gun massager can also stimulate the body's soft tissues and promote blood flow. This method is conducive to transporting nutrients to the muscles, promoting muscle recovery, inhibiting the accumulation of lactic acid and alleviating fatigue; it can also help relieve sore muscles by stimulating tendons.

How Massage Guns Work?
Why Choose China Home Electric Fascia Massage Gun Manufacturers?

Why Choose China Home Electric Fascia Massage Gun Manufacturers?

Professional fascia guns originated in the United States, but China has become the largest country producing and exporting this product because of the reasonable fascia massage gun price and excellent quality. 

There are many types of massage guns offered by massage gun wholesale suppliers in China with stylish appearances, which have become the mainstream design in the market.

The main component of a home massage gun offered by the Chinese massage gun factory is the brushless motor. China's brushless motor technology has been very mature, and the quality has also got a good reputation from the massage gun market.

The price of China's home massage gun muscle massager offered by a reputable and experienced massage gun supplier is quite attractive. It is very cost-effective to buy products with quality in line with international standards at almost half of the price.

Fascia Massage Gun How To Use?

It's very important to understand how to operate your fascia massage gun properly if you want to get the most out of it. The incorrect use of a massage gun might cause damage to your body.

Based on this consideration, our engineers developed a fascia gun that can be connected to the mobile phone app, which provides scientific guidance on the different parts of the body, including muscle areas, massage head recommendations, stroke intensity, stroke duration, etc. This ensures that you receive a relaxing and effective massage experience tailored explicitly to your unique body requirements. By utilizing this smart fascia massager, you can get a professional-quality massage from the comfort of your own home.

For example, if you want to massage your shoulders, there is a detailed tutorial in the app:

It will recommend that you should choose the round head.

Recommended Massage Duration:

Unilateral muscles 20s x 3

Left 60s countdown, can be paused on the way Right 60s countdown, can be paused on the way

Recommended massage techniques:

Attach the massage head to the surface of the skin without additional pressure;

Move the fascia gun slowly, moving the direction

From the middle to the sides, from top to bottom.

With the app control, this mini percussion massager also protects the body fascia from being damaged by excessive blows, so that the effectiveness of the massager can be maximized.

Fascia Massage Gun How To Use?

Something You Need To Know Before Buying Massage Guns In Bulk

The fascia massage gun price on the market now varies greatly, and the low-priced ones are of course very attractive, but it is necessary to firmly believe that quality and price are proportional to a certain degree. According to our many years of muscle fascia gun production experience, if we need to produce a fascia massage gun that meets the quality standards, it must reach a certain cost.

We recommend that you ask the muscle massage gun supplier to provide the reliability test report of the myofascial massage gun when you buy the sample. Then you also do this series of reliability tests on the sample. Purchase in bulk only after getting a pass result.

  • Buying Massage Guns In Bulk

    For the selection of home massage gun styles, we recommend purchasing professional percussion massager for the professional sportsperson. just like our MX1 and MX2 models.

  • Buying Massage Guns In Bulk

    We recommend purchasing a mini percussion massager for women customers, whose metal shell is stylish and generous. Like our MX3 and MX4 models, easy to carry and without feeling tired even use longer time.

Home Fascia Massage Gun FAQs

  • Q

    Which one has the best relaxing effect? Foam roller or fascia gun?


    The foam roller can only loosen the human body's surface fascia and muscles, but it has no obvious effect on deep deep fascia and muscle relaxation. The advantage of the electric fascia gun offered by theragun manufacturer is to loosen the deep fascia of the muscle through vibration, so its effect is definitely better than that of the foam shaft.

  • How to use the different massage heads of the electric fascia gun?

    How to use the different massage heads of the electric fascia gun?


    Round Head

    Moderate strength, suitable for chest, waist, leg and butt etc., that with large muscle area.

    Bullet Head

    Strong strength, suitable for hand and pelma etc., that with small muscles or tissue space.

    U-shape Head

    Strong strength, suitable for back neck and spine tendons etc., that with bundle muscles.

    Flat Head

    Moderate strength, suitable for back and waist etc., that with flat large muscle area.

  • Q

    Can pregnant women use the electric muscle massage gun?


    Pregnant women can use the electric fascia gun, but the parts used are limited to the calves and feet. It is not recommended to use a muscle fascia gun to massage other parts.

  • How long to use the smart fascia gun each time?

    How long to use the smart fascia gun each time?


    After deep exercise, it is recommended to massage each major muscle group for 3-5 minutes, and it is recommended to use the electric fascia gun for 10-15 minutes at a time for total body accumulation.

    For normal office use, use our percussion massage gun to massage the rigid area for 1-2 minutes.

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