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Percussion Massage Gun For Back Pain

When loosening the erector spinal muscles, the tip of the back pain hammer massage machine gun needs to be replaced with a U-shaped tip. The U-massage gun head for lower back can perfectly avoid the spinous processes of the spine and act on the muscles on both sides of the spine. The erector spinae muscles grow from the back of the lower pelvis, all the way along the spine to the back of the head. Turn on the back muscle massager gun with a U-shaped massage head to the second gear amplitude, first slide down the spine with your hand, find the force point of the fascia gun, and then massage. The general massage time for erector spinae is controlled at about 3 minutes for each group.

Are Massage Guns Good For Back Pain?

Percussion massager for back pain can help with the normal functioning of body muscles in a variety of ways. It can also aid in the movement of vital body fluids that aid in the elimination of toxic waste and the delivery of oxygen to the tissues. An adequate supply of oxygen to muscle tissues can reduce pain and aid in recovery. As a result, precussion massage guns are certainly good for back pain.

How Does Percussion Massage Gun for Lower Back Pain Work?

There are several different theories regarding the efficacy of a percussion massage gun for back pain. First, the feelings they convey encourage your brain to focus on pain, not pain in the lower back. Scientists call it the "gate theory". Some people also think that these back gun massager can promote the working of Golgi tendon organs, which is part of your muscle that can stop tightness and contraction.

A simpler theory behind how percussion massager for back pain works is that they remind your areas of strained brain muscles. When your brain realizes the tight area, it releases the tension. Just as you go to a massage therapist, you will promote blood flow. As blood flow increases, you can reduce inflammation and promote healing.

How to Use a Massage Gun on Lower Back?

The correct use of a percussion massage gun can effectively ease your back pain. But how to use a massage gun for lower back pain? In the below video, YANXING will show you how to use our MX3 mini fascial gun plus as your lower back pain massage gun.

Using Massage Gun On Back Tips

1. Change the electric fascia gun to a flat head or a ball head. The main muscles of the lower back are the latissimus dorsi and the thoracolumbar fascia.

2. Find the corresponding muscles on the back, use 1-2 gears to relax the muscles, and massage for 5-10 minutes.

3. For local pain points, maintain the back pain massage gun for 20-30 seconds, and the intensity can be moderately increased according to the physical feeling.

4. Note that the massage gun head for lower back should be perpendicular to the muscles. When hitting the massage, do not hit the spine.

5. Stretch the back and waist muscles after the massage.

Percussion Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain

How to choose the best massage gun for back pain?

While there could be a variety of causes for the discomfort, percussion massagers are an excellent option for muscular issues that cause back pain.

However, you must select the appropriate smart fascial gun with the appropriate features for your problem. Not all massage guns are suitable for relieving back pain.

  • The length of the handle must be considered first.

  • Power is also important when choosing back pain massage guns.

  • Stroke Length.

Providing quality intelligent fitness equipment, Yanxing develops our percussion massager for back pain ergonomically. Our back pain massage gun has multiple options, which is an excellent choice for your pain relief.