Shenzhen Yan Xing Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yan Xing Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


  • Do you provide logo customization service? What is the required MOQ?

    We provide logo customization service, and the MOQ required is 1000pcs. Of course, for special circumstances, you can contact our sales for a detailed discussion.

  • How is your company's production capacity?

    Our monthly production capacity is 30K for large equipment, 50K for medium equipment and 100K for small equipment.

  • What APPs are supported for smart home fitness products? Can you provide custom development services?

    All our current smart sports products support Tuya's overseas Smart Life APP. It is completely possible if customer wants us to help customize the APP.

  • If you want to customize a new product in your company, what is the process?

    First of all, communicate with our salesman and advise the demand for new products. Our R&D team will evaluate according to the demand and give a R&D solution, including information such as demand realization, cost and schedule. After the two parties' intentions are confirmed and the first payment for R&D is received, our R&D team members will Kick-off the project, follow up the project and communicate with customers according to the plan, until mass production and delivery.

  • Can the color of smart skipping rope products be customized? What is the MOQ?

    The color can be customized, and the customized MOQ of the general color will require a MOQ of 3000pcs. Before that, we can cooperate with proofing to confirm the color.

  • Can the fascia gun support wireless control?

    Our fascia gun supports wireless control, but this is an optional feature that is not currently included in the standard product. If you need it, please communicate with our sales.

  • Why do fascia guns need wireless control?

    In order to use the fascia gun more professionally, or to avoid damage to the body caused by improper use, the fascia gun that supports wireless control can control the use time and strength through the APP.

  • Is there anything special about your rowing machine?

    Our rowing machine is different from the wind resistance, water resistance and reluctance rowing machines on the market in the way of obtaining resistance. We control the motor through an algorithm to provide the corresponding resistance. The rowing machine designed in this way has precise force, low noise and convenient storage.