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How to Use the Abdominal Muscle Wheel?

1. The use of the abdominal muscle wheel First, we start from the kneeling position, with both knees on the ground, holding the abdominal muscle wheel in our hands. Then inhale, flexing your back as far as you can, tightening your glutes and chin as much as possible. Keep your hips (and thighs) perpendicular to the ground. During this movement, your hips should never be pushed back too high or your back sunk too far.

2. The use of the abdominal muscle wheel needs to gradually lower the body, and maintain strong control of the entire training movement between the body and the ground. We then let the body descend in full control of the force, maintaining tension throughout the descent to the floor. And don't let the descent process so slow when you start your abdominal muscle wheel workout that you'll tire prematurely, or even get injured before you hit the ground.

3. If your training partner can use a wide belt to tie your waist and hips when using the abdominal muscle wheel, then it may be better to prevent the movement from getting out of control.

It is important to note that your back does not sag downwards during the exercise. Make sure your back is slightly curved, or at least keep it straight. If you can't ensure the accuracy of the movement, then you may hurt your lower back, that is, you are not ready for this abs wheel exercise.

4. Abdominal wheel use During the downward movement, try to get your chest to touch the ground and then try to make a slight arc of the back while keeping the arms tight. Don't exhale when your body is not at the top.

Eventually, you may be able to complete the abs wheel training in a standing position with your legs straight and your knees not touching the ground. The harder part is exhaling and resting on the ground. Then, inhale to bend your back, and then return to the starting position (standing).

If you're having trouble contracting the abdominal exercise roller wheel to stand up, keep trying to extend your arm forward and hold it passively, or you can only do half the abdominal muscle wheel.

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