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How to Use the Abdominal Muscle Wheel While Standing?

Many people buy abdominal muscle wheels, and they usually put them in the corner to eat ashes. why? Because the abdominal muscle wheel itself is difficult to practice, and there is another problem it is dangerous to play well, and it will knock out the teeth.

Especially the action of the standing abdominal muscle wheel, many players think that they can do it, but after practicing, they find that they have no ability at all. Today, I will share 4 exercises that will allow you to quickly learn the standing abs wheel.

1. Stand on the top wall while using abdominal muscle wheels

Many players try to learn standing ab wheel by kneeling ab the wheel, so this method is useful and useful, but it is too slow.

And if we want to learn the standing abdominal muscle wheel, we simply do it directly in the standing position, not through the kneeling position. Then the standing abdominal muscle wheel on the top wall means that you face the wall and directly adopt the standing abdominal muscle wheel posture.

At the beginning, our body does not need to be completely lowered, only a small amount of amplitude is required. Then there is a wall in front of it, so we don't have to worry about collapsing out of control, and we don't have to worry about knocking our teeth off.

Generally speaking, when we first start training, we first put the abdominal muscle wheel against the root of the wall, and then find a suitable foothold. Instead of finding a good foothold first, then push the abdominal muscle wheel forward.

You just started to practice, you still don't know your own strength, so you just push forward, it is very dangerous. So our best first action is to pull back from the lowest point. If you can pull it up, then you can safely push it out.

2. Maintenance of the bottom of the abdominal muscle wheel

Many fitness players think that fitness movements should be dynamic, then you are wrong.

Static movements are actually more suitable for recruiting muscles, and at the same time can improve the coordination of our bodies, allowing us to better deal with abdominal muscle wheel movements.

Then the bottom of the abdominal muscle wheel is maintained, which is a better static movement. The specific method is divided into three steps:

The first step is to hold the handle of the abdominal muscle wheel in a kneeling position and keep the abdominal muscle wheel fixed on the ground.

For the second step, support one foot as far back as possible while keeping your body tight.

In the third step, the other foot, slowly back, put both feet in the same position, if you feel unsupported during this process, then move the back foot slightly forward.

When you can hold the bottom for three or four seconds, you can try to pull the abs wheel back with your abs.

After pulling back, don't push it out in a hurry, repeat the above steps until you can easily pull it back, and then do the front push.

3. Split standing with abdominal muscle wheel

In fact, there are very few people who can do the standing abdominal muscle wheel with the legs together. Most people say that they can do the standing abdominal muscle wheel, but the legs are separated and they cannot be paralleled. And as the standing abdominal muscle wheel in the learning stage, we can try to do it with split legs.

Of course, the premise is that you can control the range of motion of the abdominal muscle wheel, that is, how far you want to push, you can control it, and you will not fall directly. For this action in the early stage, the distance between the legs can be wider, just as wide as the Zama step.

Then when you try, you can use the skills you learned earlier, that is, the top wall abdominal muscle wheel to assist. In the later stage, gradually shorten the distance of the splits until the legs are completely paralleled, and you have completed the standard abs wheel position.

4. Bent arm standing abdominal muscle wheel

When many people do the abdominal wheel roller, the abdomen is not stretched, but the arms are stretched out first. In fact, for most of us, the core strength of the waist and abdomen is similar, and some people can do a plank for a few minutes.

But most people, especially girls, have poor shoulder strength. So if you stretch your arms out, your shoulders aren't strong enough to handle your weight, and you're going to fall. So when we do it in the early stage, don't straighten the arm completely, and don't stretch it out.

It's generally easier to use the flexed-arm standing abs wheel. That is, your abs wheel is placed under your forehead, and then maintain this relative position, so that it will be easier to do. And this is also in line with the setting of the abdominal muscle wheel, which is to train the abdominal muscles.