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Home cardio training tends to be more tiring than strength training, which also lasts longer time. Normally, when training cardio at home, exercisers often feel bored and can't stick to it. The smart home cardio training equipment developed by YANXING FIT has specially designed a variety of modes for trainers to choose and challenge, making training fun and continuous.

Types of Smart Cardio Equipment from YANXING FIT

Smart Jump Rope

Smart Jump Rope

The most efficient cardio training exercises at home are now improved with the Smart Jump Rope Rookie. The jump rope connects to the smart rope mobile app (iOS, Android, Apple Watch) via Bluetooth to tell you about your cardio exercise. Smart rope mobile app keeps track of workout data: jump count, calories burned, and time spent jumping.
Smart Hula Hoop

Smart Hula Hoop

The so-called smart hula hoop simply clips around your waist like a belt and you then start the attached weighted ball spinning, and keep it moving with your hips in the traditional hula-hooping fashion. Users say it takes a few tries, but once you have the knack for it, you're off and spinning.

Smart Home Cardio Training Equipment Buying Guide

Rope skipping is a more recommended aerobic exercise, which can exercise the muscles all over the body such as the hips, waist, abdomen, and legs. We recommend smart skipping rope, which can realize fun sports under a lower budget, and the sports situation is clear at a glance.

If you want to focus on the waist and abdomen, then the smart weighted hoop is a good choice. It does not require skill to maintain, it lasts for a long time and takes up little space during exercise.

The smart rowing machine is one of the most effective aerobic training equipment. It is high-intensity training equipment that purchases motors to simulate resistance and trains the whole body muscles and a wide range of movements more effectively.

Smart Home Cardio Training Equipment Buying Guide
Smart Home Cardio Training Equipment Buying Guide

Home Cardio Training Advice from YANXING FIT

Smart Home Gym

What home gym cardio workout exercises do we need every week? How long?

It is recommended to do home cardio training for 150 minutes or more per week. The recommended training plan is as follows:

1. Strength training, twice a week, 30 minutes or more each time.

2. Accumulate 120 minutes or more of cardiopulmonary training per week, 40 minutes each time or break down different time periods, and each time guarantee 10 minutes

You need to stretch for about 5 minutes before and after each training session.

All In One Smart Gym

Do home cardio training or strength training first? Which is more conducive to weight loss?

If the goal is to lose fat, it is best to do at home cardio strength workout first and then cardio training. This arrangement will slightly increase the energy supply ratio of fat, because glycogen reserves have been consumed in strength.

Smart Home Cardio Training Equipment FAQ


Why use smart counting to skip rope?

The smart rope skipping handle equip with LED display, the number of skipping can be clearly displayed, so there is no need to worry about counting the wrong number.

Connect to Tuya app via Bluetooth to get exercise duration, calorie consumption, number of skipping, number of consecutive jumps, etc., as well as training course guidance.


How to choose the length of skipping rope?

The length of the skipping rope should be suitable. Hold the handle with both hands, step on the middle of the rope with one foot, and straighten the skipping rope. The height of the handle should be above the hip and the length of the ribs is the best. Novices can be slightly longer.


How to skip rope without hurting the knee?

a. Jump with the strength of your ankles, and don't deliberately push your legs backwards.

b. Do not swing the skipping rope sharply with your shoulders, use the strength of your forearms and wrists

c. Don't jump too high, just pass it.

d. Wear running shoes or shoes with a soft bottom

e. Be sure to stretch and relax after training


How to choose cardio training and strength training?

For those who do not have traning foundation, you can first perform cardio training to improve cardiopulmonary function and physical fitness, and then increase strength training.

If there is plenty of time, then the best is to combine cardio training and strength training. Do strength training first and then cardio training to reap the benefits of both exercises.

YANXING FIT is willing to providing high-quality smart fitness products. Don't hesitate to contact us now.
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