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Body fat scale is a household essential equipment for monitoring physical health indicators. This digital smart health scale can analyze various indicators of the human body, such as BMI, body fat percentage, muscle content, metabolic level, bone content, etc. YANXING FIT's smart fat scale has a simple and elegant design, with a variety of colors to choose from. Its stable quality and good performance have been consistently praised by the market.

Types of Smart Scale from YANXING FIT

  • SF1 Smart Scale
    SF1 Smart Scale
    Our body fat scale supports connecting to the Tuya APP to view every measurement in real time and form a trend report of body indicators. A body fat scale can record the data of 8 people at the same time.

What are the Benefits of SF1 Digital Smart Scale

What are the Benefits of SF1 Digital Smart Scale

Data confidentiality: We all hope that our data or privacy will not be known to others. With a home smart fitness scale, we don't need to worry about these issues.

Plan for yourself: According to the data of the smart fat scale, we can specify our own fitness plan or diet plan to reduce the high body fat part in a targeted manner.

Understand the health of the body: Although the smart health scale cannot be used as a medical authority, it can also be used as reference data for physical health.

Proffessional Smart Weigh Scale Manufacturer
Smart Weigh Scales: Precision and Innovation in Every Step

YANXING FIT is a leading smart weigh scale manufacturer, offering a range of advantages for consumers. Firstly, their smart fitness scale is equipped with advanced technology, allowing for accurate and reliable readings of weight, BMI, and other body metrics. The YANXING FIT app also provides users with a user-friendly interface for tracking progress and setting goals. Additionally, as a leading scale supplier, their digital smart scales feature a sleek and modern design, perfect for any home or gym setting. YANXING FIT is also committed to using high-quality materials and providing excellent customer service, ensuring its intelligent weight scales meet the highest standards of durability and performance. With YANXING FIT, customers can achieve their health and fitness goals with confidence.

Custom Smart Body Fat Scale

How Smart Body Fat Scale Work?

Smart fitness weight scale generally uses BIA to measure human body resistance and calculate body fat content through bio-resistance. The main principle of the BIA measurement method is to divide the body into conductive body fluids, muscles, and non-conductive fat tissues. The electrodes emit very small currents through the body. If the body fat ratio is high, the measured bio-resistance will be greater; vice versa.

How Smart Body Fat Scale Work?
Why Choose China Smart Body Scale Manufacturers?

Why Choose China Smart Body Scale Manufacturers?

There are many manufacturers of intelligent rechargeable smart scales in China, mainly located in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. The smart body fat scales designed by these manufacturers are of various styles, and there are also many downstream suppliers that provide raw materials for the smart fitness scale.

At the same time, the smart weighing scale company in China has a very mature production process in the smart fat scale, with stable quality and certain advantages in cost.

The matching software of this smart care weight machine is designed to be very user-friendly, because it is exported to the world, taking into account the preferences of consumers in many countries. If you want to buy a home health intelligent Bluetooth body fat scale, you can contact China smart body scale manufactures.

Something You Need To Know Before Buying Smart Body Scale In Bulk

Before buying the smart body scale in bulk, you should test whether the smart electronic weighing scale is connected to the mobile phone smoothly. When a good smart scale measures, the data can be automatically synchronized to the App to generate body fat change trends. As an experienced and efficient scale manufacturer, we recommend Tuya APP, which has high compatibility and good market feedback.

  • Buying Smart Body Scale In Bulk

    Choose a balance smart scale with a certain arc design for the corners and corners to avoid being hit by the corners and injured.

  • Buy Smart Body Scale

    Whether the digital smart scale is easy to operate, a good smart scale only needs to stand up to get the data without additional operations.

Smart Scale FAQs

  • Q

    Who is not suitable to use a body fat scale?


    Users who wear pacemakers and other medical devices in their bodies and pregnant women.

  • Q

    Correct use steps of body fat scale


    a. Please place the scale on a hard and flat ground, not on soft or uneven ground.

    b. Stand with bare feet on the electrode plate of the scale and keep your body steady. Do not shake during the measurement, be careful to bend your knees or sit while measuring, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the measurement

  • Q

    How to get more accurate results from smart body fat scale?


    a. The four electrode pads on the body fat scale need to be kept clean;

    b. Enter the correct gender, height, and age information in app, so the body fat scale can calculate body fat based on the impedance value accurately;

    c. Try to measure under the same conditions and at the same time. It is best to proceed the measurement after waking up without meals.

  • Q

    What is the frequency of use of the bathroom scale?


    You don't need to test every day, just use the body fat scale test once every 1 to 2 weeks, focusing on the trend of the test results.

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