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As long as you adjust the size of the YANXING FIT smart hula hoop, you can free your hands during exercise without worrying about the hula hoop falling off. In the process of exercising, you can also enjoy massage, and all training data is transmitted to the background, allowing you to perform aerobic exercise intelligently.

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Benefits of Smart Hula Hoop

Benefits of Smart Hula Hoop

The smart fit hula hoop is small in size and takes up less space to move compared to the traditional hula hoop.

The smart fit hula hoop boasts a detachable design, making it easy to store and carry around.

With a counter function of the smart hula hoop led, you can clearly understand the calories consumed via APP, making the exercise more motivated and the plan more clear.

The design of our smart hula ring has a massage function, which can continuously massage the abdomen during exercise to accelerate the burning of fat.

Get Fit in Trendy Style with Yanxing Fit Smart Counting Hula Hoop Supplier

Yanxing Fit Smart Hula Hoop is cutting-edge intelligent fitness equipment that provides a fun and effective way to tone your core muscles, burn calories, and improve cardiovascular health. As a professional smart counting hula hoop supplier, there are several benefits to offering Yanxing Fit smart hula to your customers.

Firstly, as a leading hula hoop manufacturer, Yanxing Fit smart fitness hoop is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. This ensures customer satisfaction and repeats business.

Secondly, the smart features of the Yanxing Fit smart hula rings, such as the adjustable weight, auto-counting function, and Bluetooth connectivity, offer customers a personalized and engaging workout experience.

Thirdly, the ergonomic design of the Yanxing intelligent hula hoop ensures maximum comfort during workouts. The smooth, padded surface minimizes discomfort and allows for extended use without irritation, making it ideal for users of all fitness levels.

Fourthly, Yanxing Fit provides comprehensive customer support and after-sales service of the smart fit hula hoop, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed. This commitment to service enhances the customer experience and fosters loyalty, making Yanxing Fit a reliable partner for fitness equipment retailers.

Custom Smart Hula Hoop

How Smart Hula Loop Work?

The intelligent hulahoop performs a circular motion centered on the psoas major of the human body.

Practice your back muscles, leg muscles, and abdominal muscles while exercising with the help of a smart hula ring. At the same time, the hula smart hoop can massage the waist and abdomen through the belt and massage assistance.

In the process of exercise, a weight-loss smart fitness hula hoop can continuously massage and stimulate the major acupoints of the waist and abdomen to accelerate the consumption of fat, so as to achieve the effect of losing weight and shaping.

How Smart Hula Loop Work?
Why Buy Smart Hula Hoop from Chinese Manufacturers?

Why Buy Smart Hula Hoop from Chinese Manufacturers?

Although the hula hoop originated in the United States, China is definitely the country with the largest population of this sport. The group is very broad, from children to the elderly. The emergence of the smart fitness hula hoop has made more people pay attention to this traditional sport.

There are already a lot of smart hula ring brands in China, and they are constantly improving their smart fitness equipment through a lot of market feedback. With China's strong supply chain of home cardio training, the smart hula ring by the experienced hula hoop factory in China has reached a state of high quality and competitive price.

If you want to buy smart hula hoop in bulk, Chinese manufacturers of smart fitness hula hoop will definitely not disappoint you.

Something You Need To Know Before Buying Smart Hula Loop In Bulk
  • Smart Hula Loop In Bulk

    Choose according to the size of the hula smart hoop:

    For people who are tall and obese, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger-diameter smartweighted fitness smart hula hoop.

    For people who are short and thin, it is recommended to choose a smaller-diameter smart weighted hula hoop.

  • Buy Smart Hula Loop

    Choose according to the weight of the intelligent smart hoop:

    Height less than 1.5 meters, it is recommended to choose a fitness smart hula hoop weighing around 0.5KG

    Height 1.5 meters-1.8 meters, it is recommended to choose a smart weighted hula weighing 0.5KG-1.5KG 

    Height greater than 1.8 meters, it is recommended to choose a weighted smart hula hoop weighing 1.5KG-2.5KG

    PS: Beginners are not recommended to use a weighted smart fitness hoop

Smart Weighted Hula FAQs

  • Q

    Can smart hula hoop lose weight?


    It is possible to lose weight by exercising with a weight loss smart hula hoop, but the area that can be thinned is limited. The smart hoop is a targeted smart home fitness equipment for the thin waist and abdomen, and it needs to be used consistently.

  • Q

    Who can't use the intelligent smart hoop?


    Although the benefits of smart hula hoop are varied, the smart hula hoop is not suitable for patients with lumbar muscle strain or osteoporosis, those with spinal injuries and the elderly. In addition, you should do some stretching exercises before shaking the intelligent hulahoop to avoid sprains.

  • Q

    What should I pay attention to when shaking a smart fit hula hoop?


    When using a weighted smart hoop, you need to pay attention to the following points:

    Adjust the intelligent hulahoop to a suitable size for more comfortable and smooth rotation.

    Try to maintain a constant pace when exercising.

    The rotation time should not be too long, do what you can, so as not to damage your health.

  • Q

    How to use smart hula hoop?


    The following are instructions for using smarthula hoop:

    a. Wrap the assembled smart hoola hoop around your waist.

    b. Find a comfortable angle after attaching the massage fixing plate to the abdomen, and then fasten the smart hoola.

    c. Hold the hula ball with both hands, and swing the hula ball up by exerting force on the hands and waist, keeping it stable.

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