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Advantages and Principles of Intelligent AB Abdominal Muscle Wheel

Our smart abdominal muscle wheel is equipped with a smart brake design and powerful automatic rebound to prevent accidental falls and injuries when pushing forward. The entire wheel is covered with rubber to mimic the tread of a car tire, providing great grip and preventing slippage.

1. What are the benefits of the smart AB abdominal muscle wheel equipment?

The smart abdominal exercise roller can safely and effectively exercise the pectoral muscles, deltoid muscles, abdominal muscles, and back muscles through an ultra-simple movement. Compared with the traditional abdominal fitness wheel, you don't have to worry about hurting yourself due to poor strength and uncontrolled movements.

Use the smart ab roller to automatically rebound, choose strength, and get more professional training guidance. According to the fitness data recorded in the background, formulate a more effective fitness plan and improve fitness quality.

2. What is the working principle of the intelligent AB abdominal muscle wheel roller exercise machine?

The interior of the intelligent ab roller device is designed with a spring steel plate, which makes the ab roller have strong resilience during use. This rebound force can effectively counteract our momentum to slide forward. The abdominal ab roller slides smoothly while maintaining the balance of the body, which ultimately ensures that we are safe and not injured during exercise; in the same way, due to the existence of resilience, it is relatively easy for us to slide back to the wheel.

The built-in Bluetooth can match the mobile APP, and display the number of single exercises and the accumulated number of exercises in real-time. With data, we can get a clearer picture of what's going on in each sport.

3. Why choose China AB abdominal muscle wheel manufacturer?

From the market situation, there are many types of abdominal ab roller in China. AB round suppliers develop new products from various factors such as ID design, fitness effect, fitness safety, and so on. Although the quality of belly wheel equipment varies, there are many high-quality smart belly wheels on the Chinese market.

With the excellent APP experience, the mature abdominal fitness rollers in the Chinese market are also exported to overseas markets.

Our company specializes in smart home fitness products, including cardio and strength training equipment. During 16 years of development, we have formed 3 professional R&D teams and 2 production bases. Every year we sell millions of units to the market through OEM and ODM cooperation with customers. Strict quality control is a means of monitoring throughout the entire process, from product development to production. In addition to the current small home fitness products, we are developing large smart home devices such as smart rowing machines and smart home fitness equipment. Welcome to consult.