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  • Smart Home Gym Station GS1
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  • Smart Home Gym
  • Smart Home Gym Station GS1
  • At Home Smart Gym

Smart Home Gym Station GS1

Our all-in-one smart gym platform is a device that can replace much traditional fitness equipment. With the compact design, this high-tech home gym smart weight lifting equipment does not occupy a big space. With a gym bench, gym bars, pull rings, and other accessories, you can easily achieve hundreds of strength exercises at home. The output maximum strength of this smart workout equipment can reach 30KG. There is only one motor inside the smart weight lifting equipment, and it adopts an algorithm similar to the car differential to ensure that the output strength on both sides is balanced, which saves the cost of the device to the greatest extent. In a word, this all-in-one high-tech home gym equipment is a high-tech and cost-effective smart home fitness device.

Accessory of Smart Home Gym Station GS1

  • Iconic Push-Button Rotary Switch

    The high tech home gym equipment GS1 all-in-one smart weight lifting machine uses Yanxing's iconic push-button rotary switch with screen as the control center. 

    Accessory of Smart Home Gym Station GS1
  • Adjusting The Strength And Emergency Pause

    This controller of this smart workout machine is not only a switch but also a button for adjusting the strength and emergency pause.

    Accessory of Smart Home Gym Station GS1
  • The LCD Display And Circular Lights

    At the same time, the current status of this smart tech gym equipment is clearly displayed through the LCD display and circular lights, which are simple and clear.

    Accessory of Smart Home Gym Station GS1

Details of Smart Home Gym Station GS1

  • 01.
    Emergency Pause Button

    The pull ring is equipped with an emergency pause button, which can effectively protect the trainer in the event of exhaustion. 

  • 02.
    Built-In Wifi And Bluetooth

    The smart strength training machine has built-in WIFI and Bluetooth, communicates with mobile phones, TVs, etc.

  • 03.
    Use Fragmented Time

    Trainer uses fragmented time at home to carry out safe strength training for all parts of the body through APP, courses, etc.

Specifications of All-in-one Smart Home Gym Station GS1

MaterialStainless Steel, plastic
WirelessBuilt-in BT4.2, support BLE class 1
Console with LCD displayLCD: TFT colorful display,1.54"  240*RGB (H) *240(V)

Rotate the button: adjust speed with addition and subtraction

Push the button: Pause/Start/Wake Home Screen

Indicator: Red,yellow and green color around the LCD display
Power12V 300mA
Wifi802.11 b/g/n 2.4G, AP and STA mode;
BluetoothBT4.2 (BLE) class1 
CertificateCE, FCC and RoHS
Dimension1150*497mm(height TBD)
Working temperature0℃~+50℃ 
Working Humidity0%~90%RH
Storage temperature-20 °C to 70 °C 

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