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YANXING FIT has been dedicated to developing and producing smart home fitness equipment. After 16 years of development, we have three product lines: smart fitness accessories, smart devices for strength training, and smart devices for cardio training. We use our complete R&D system for performance and reliability testing to ensure the quality of our smart exercise equipment. We have obtained a good reputation from markets. We firmly believe that we can provide you with high-quality smart home exercise equipment and services.

Home Fitness Accessories

Fascia relaxation after each exercise is very important, which can reduce the burden of exercise on the body. The body fat composition of the body is closely related to your health. Our smart fitness accessories products can provide you with these services.

Home Strength Training

Using smart exercise equipment, combined with guided courses, you can achieve strength training with a personal trainer at home. Set training goals, record your every training at app, so that you can clearly understand your body shaping progress.

Home Cardio Training

Our smart cardio exercise machines give you training instructions through the app, and record your training mode, time, and calories burned each time, which can help you reduce fat and exercise your heart and lungs in a planned way.

YANXING FIT Smart Home Exercise Equipment—Your Right Choice

Our R&D strength

YANXING FIT has 16 years of R&D experience in smart fitness equipment. Our 3 R&D teams have a total of more than 70 professional engineers, including hardware, software, structure, and testing With many years of cooperation with customers, we firmly believe that we can provide you with the most professional ODM and OEM smart exercise machines and services.

Our Delivery Capabilities

At present, we have two production bases, located in Huizhou and Shenzhen, with an annual output of more than 3 million sets of equipment. Our strong supply chain team guarantees that the average order lead time is within one month.

Our Quality Capabilities

Our factory uses MES system and ERP system for management, and has realized part of automated production to reduce quality problems caused by human error. We are also transforming more automated production processes, as well as automated warehouse management, and use digitalization to improve the quality of our smart exercise equipment.

Proprietary After-sales

Proprietary after-sales team and after-sales material warehouse, strict after-sales process, this series of perfect after-sales system, can provide customers with fast and professional after-sales service.

Rich Market Experience

We sell millions of smart exercise machines to the market every year. With years of data accumulation, we can analyze the mainstream products, functional requirements and consumer preferences of the smart fitness market. We can provide customers with professional design suggestions.

Smart Fitness Products FAQs

  • Should I choose cardio training or strength training for smart home fitness equipment?

    Strength training can make the muscles full and firm, which is the most direct and effective training direction to improve the body and posture. It is recommended not to do pure cardio training, but to add strength training to your fitness program. And it is best if strength training far exceeds cardio training, so that your body shape will achieve better results.

  • Why buy smart fitness machine?

    Smart exercise equipment, through professional course guidance, can let home fitness bid farewell to blind training. According to different modes, the smart home fitness equipment can control the training resistance through the app, which makes the exercise more scientific; It can also record each training, set different challenge goals, and compete with other users to get more fitness fun.

  • What are the popular smart home fitness equipment?

    Smart home fitness equipment currently on the market is divided into two categories: small equipment and large equipment. Small devices such as smart skip rope, dumbbells, abdominal wheels, hula hoops, steppers and other smart products, and they can monitor movements in real time.

    Large equipment, such as smart treadmills, spinning machines, rowing machines, power stations, etc., linked with the app to help achieve better fitness results.

  • How to do strength training? How long is daily strength training suitable?

    In most cases, strength training 3 to 5 times a week is enough.

    Each training takes about one hour. After warming up for five minutes, do more than half an hour of strength training, then do about 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, and finally stretch for five minutes.

Smart Fitness Products FAQs
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