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The Characteristics and Development Prospect of Intelligent Rope Skipping Scheme

Ⅰ. Features of the smart rope skipping scheme

On the basis of electronic counting skipping rope, smart jump rope adds online competition and family mode, adding more fun to traditional skipping rope. Rope skipping is also equipped with a dedicated APP to comprehensively record the user's exercise data, providing users with a health data set management platform. Users can intuitively understand their exercise and energy consumption through the data presented by the APP.

The first major feature: "fast"! Express shows in four synchronizations, synchronous detection, synchronous transmission, synchronous display, synchronous printing!

The second major feature: "accurate"! Includes two parts:

1. The rope skip handle adopts 360-degree electromagnetic detection, with zero error in counting.

2. The host can pre-set the game time. Before the start of the game and after the game, the number of jumps will not be included in the score, which effectively prevents cheating and truly conforms to the principles of fairness, justice and openness in sports.

The third major feature: "province"! Time-saving, labor-saving and high-efficiency. In the past, skipping exams and competitions required a large number of referees to count. Now an intelligent skipping system can detect 50 people at the same time. Only one person needs to operate the equipment, the results will be printed immediately, and the results of the competition will be announced on the spot. According to statistics, the use of the intelligent skipping system can save 90% of human resources and about 95% of costs.

Ⅱ. Analysis of the development prospect of intelligent rope skipping

The current digital skipping rope for sale usually has an APP personal trainer to formulate a training plan, which makes it easy for you to exercise step by step, slowly loses your fat, and allows you to have a good figure.

As long as you do 200 skipping ropes a day, you can burn your excess body fat and reduce fat. With cloud smart jump rope, you will no longer be lonely when skipping rope; Of course, running every day can also lose excess fat, because running is the most exercise for physical coordination and physical endurance. Long-distance running can consume internal body fat, and then slowly eliminate excess body fat, and finally achieve purpose of weight loss.

The smart jump rope is novel, small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, easy to carry, safe and reliable, simple in operation and easy to master. Smart jump rope has broad application prospects.

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