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A Complete Guide To The Use Of Massage Guns

The massage gun is suitable for all people, especially after exercise, must massage and relax the fascia, so as to better protect the muscles, and the contraindication of the massage gun is never to hit the bone above.

Massage gun applicable symptoms

1. Local muscle tension, contracture;

2. Relaxation after exercise; localized muscle pain points;

3. Correction of postural abnormalities caused by muscle tension;

4. For example, the softening of patellar cartilage to release the external over-tightened muscle fascia, a knee injury caused by muscle spasm around the pulling pain, etc. can be used.

Myomassage gun use contraindications

Caution 1: Do not impact the joint

A myofascial release gun is generally only applicable to muscle soft tissues, if the direct impact on the joint is similar to the direct knocking of the joint to the stone, it is easy to cause joint damage.

Caution two: not all parts are suitable for use

Like the neck, chest, and abdominal cavity, armpit and other parts of the muscle thickness is thin, and near the organs and aorta, is not recommended to use the impact gun.

Caution three: not the longer and more painful, the more effective

The use of body sensation should be kept at 6-8 points of soreness, the same position as the use of time in 5-10 minutes can be.

Caution four: do not private assembly or modification of fascia gun products

Some users use electric hammers or impact drill products to assemble the fascia gun because of the vibration frequency and lack of protection mechanism is very easy to cause massage damage or muscle contusion, serious will cause cardiac arrest and shock.

What does a massage gun do

1 Myomassage relaxation can effectively comb the myofascial

It allows the "balloon-like" myofascial to stretch and gain the possibility of extension so that they do not wrap around the muscle and affect muscle movement, and reduce muscle friction, which is very helpful for joint mobility and muscle extension.

2 Boost sympathetic excitability

Make it easier for the muscles to get into working order. Imagine that you are working hard for your buttocks or waistline, but your brain is not able to effectively communicate with the gluteus or abdominal muscles, so how to ensure the training effect? By the magic of the coach?

3 Avoid being "too fit"

When the training is completed, the sympathetic nerve will be overexcited, causing the muscle in the static time to be still too tense, thus affecting the recovery of growth, or making girls feel "too fit".

The benefit of using smart fitness equipment after exercise is to release this extra excitement through massage relaxation, allowing the above problems to be addressed and alleviated.

Is it necessary to buy a fascia gun?

A massage gun is a good form of relaxing physical therapy, and you can get yourself one to use when conditions allow. Of course, we can also use stretching to relax our myofascial.

The massage gun produces 2000-3000 vibrations per minute, which helps the muscles and soft tissues to relax and recover and promote blood circulation by hitting the target part of the body with the gun. At the same time effectively dissipate the body in the fatigue from sports, work, life, and a large number of creatine, has a very good role in relieving muscle fatigue; its high-frequency oscillation can penetrate deep skeletal muscle, so that the skeletal muscle instant relaxation, meridian nerve blood flow instantly.