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Can Abdominal Muscle Wheels Really Help Us Build Abs?

The abdominal muscle wheel can train the abdominal muscles, but it is not specifically focused on abdominal muscle exercise. There are many muscle groups that are stressed during exercise, not only the abdominal muscles. It may be misled by the name of the "abs wheel", they all think that the abdominal muscles wheel, can practice beautiful abdominal muscles very well. For this reason, this article discusses the issues related to abdominal muscle training and how to practice it.

Ⅰ. The action of operating the abdominal muscle wheel

This article discusses the movement of pushing the abdominal chakra in front of the body, two basic asanas: kneeling push-pull and standing push-pull.

1. Kneeling push-pul

Put your knees on the ground, kneel, hold the abdominal wheel with both hands and prepare for inhalation. Then lower your head to bend your back in a certain arc, tighten it together with your hips, tighten your abdominal core, straighten your arms, push forward firmly, and at the same time extend your body as far as possible, and stop for 1-2 minutes above the top of your head. Seconds, then slowly pull the straight arm back to the recovery position, return to the initial position of the kneeling position, and repeat the action again and again.

2. Standing push-pull

Stand in a standing position, bend over, hold the abdominal wheel with both hands and prepare for inhalation. Then try to tighten the hips and waist and abdomen, tighten the chin, and let the back arch, so that the hips and legs are perpendicular to the ground; then straighten the arms, lock the shoulder joints, and push the straight arms forward with force, and pause for 1-2 seconds above the top of the head, then slowly pull your arms back and forth, return to the initial standing position, and repeat the movement.

Ⅱ. The main muscle groups exercised by the abdominal muscle wheel

To do the abdominal muscle wheel movement, you must first use the strength of the shoulder and arm, which is strong and stable, otherwise, you cannot do the push-pull movement. This part of the muscles that are stressed is mainly the shoulder deltoid, triceps, forearm muscles and wrist muscles. Especially doing standing postures, the force is greater, and you need to control greater balance.

Secondly, the back should not be sunk down during the process, otherwise, the lumbar spine will be easily injured by the force, and the hips should not be arched back, otherwise, the compensation will be too much, which will affect the exercise of the abdominal muscles, so at this time, the hip and back, especially the erector spine of the lower back can also be exercised; the second is the muscles of the waist and abdomen and core strength, of course, the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis can be exercised.

Ⅲ. The abdominal muscle wheel can better exercise the abdominal muscles

The ab wheel machine is a multi-joint compound movement. It is the result of the combined force of many muscle groups. It is not an isolated movement for abdominal training. Single-finger is not very efficient for abdominal muscle training. Therefore, the abdominal muscle wheel is an exercise equipment for multi-muscle or core strength, focusing on a certain muscle stimulation is not very good. To train your abdominal muscles efficiently, it is recommended to do isolated movements for abdominal training.

Since other abdominal exercises are not the subject of this article, only the rectus abdominis exercise is used as an example to illustrate. The rectus abdominis is in the front and consists of upper abdominal muscles and lower abdominal muscles. The upper abdominal muscles are better for crunches; the lower abdominal muscles are better for leg lifts.