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The Basic Operation and Experience of Intelligent Skipping Rope

Skipping rope, is a very effective aerobic exercise, it requires only a minimum of one rope, the field requirements are not high, and is a long history, suitable for young and old traditional sports. In addition, it can improve heart and lung function, enhance limb coordination, enhance musculoskeletal strength, and promote intestinal motility, which is a simple and beneficial exercise.

However, traditional jump rope also has some disadvantages, such as the need for manual counting is a little troublesome, can not calculate the caloric consumption, and it is not convenient to share exercise data to social platforms, etc. So the appearance of smart jump rope, a good solution to these problems.

The following describes the basic operation, APP operation, rope/cordless dual mode experience and other contents of intelligent skipping.

1. The basic operation of smart jump rope

For example, long press the Power button to start, and long press the power button again to power off. Press the mode switch button to switch between free rope mode, timing counting mode, and fixed timing mode.

In cordless mode, display 0 on the screen, and start counting when the jump rope action is detected.

In timer mode, the default is 1 minute countdown. Press the power button to switch the timing for 1, 2, and 3 minutes. When the countdown ends, the number of skipping rope will be displayed.

Fixed timing mode, you can switch at 100,200,300, and display it after the countdown ends.

2. Smart skipping APP operation

Now the smart rope can be operated through an app connection.

After downloading and installing the app, you can quickly connect to the smart jump rope according to the prompts.

You can then select free, count, or timed hops on the application. For a better workout or to challenge yourself, it's better for counting or timing jumps. After each data jump, it is quickly synchronized to the app. You can check the time, frequency, energy consumption and other exercise data, and you can easily share it with your circle of friends.

3. Intelligent skipping using rope mode

First of all, the PVC wire rope is connected with the handle, and then the length of the rope is adjusted according to his height, the next step can be actual combat.

Rope skipping mode is more tired, jumping rope height is too high, so each landing is more tired. But the rope workout is better. In addition to being more intense, it requires more coordination and works more body parts. But for the same reason, the rope mode may not be suitable for heavier people and those who are less fit.

4. Intelligent skipping using cordless mode

Cordless mode is assembled in a similar or even simpler manner than corded mode.

Compared with the rope mode, it feels more relaxed in the cordless mode. For example, the jumping height can be much lower, and the landing takeoff is obviously not so tiring. When jumping from the ground, the jumping height can be much lower for the people who have no pressure and poor physical fitness. And cordless mode under the arms expansion range is not as large as the rope mode, in the office, home this indoor environment is more suitable for some. The cordless mode is more applicable than the corded mode, whether it is the elderly or children exercising at home, or young white-collar workers relaxing during lunch break.