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Analysis of the Advantages of the Smart Jump Rope Scheme

Relying on its powerful APP, the original boring exercise of skipping rope has become fashionable. Its professional training courses allow urban men and women to move as they wish, whether in the gym or at home, so that reducing fat and increasing muscle is no longer a slogan, but a real action. The exclusive interactive course APP is like hiring a personal trainer, from fat loss to fitness in one step.

1. The scientificity (precision) of smart jump rope

Traditional skipping ropes often use manual counting methods. People who have tried silent counting must have this experience: counting and forgetting numbers... and breathing and rhythm are easily disrupted, and the error rate will also increase higher over time. Inaccurate counting will make your efforts all in vain!

2. Instructive (calories) of smart jump rope

Traditional skipping is primarily for entertainment. However, in the fast-paced life, smart skipping has evolved into an efficient exercise in pursuit of health. People intentionally skip rope to achieve the effect of fitness exercise. Having a smart jump rope with app is like having a health coach.

The smart jump rope APP creates a personal plan, intuitively records the number of calories burned in each exercise, helps you better complete the fitness and fat loss plan, and provides intimate guidance.

3. The challenge (record) of smart jump rope

In addition to the calorie record, the skipping rope with app can also store the rich data of each skipping rope in the cloud, such as the number of skipping ropes, time, number of mistakes, the maximum number of consecutive skipping ropes, the average frequency, the fastest frequency, etc., to generate an exclusive exercise growth manual. Even if you do not exercise for a long time, the record will not disappear, and vigorously supervise your healthy life.

You can also choose fancy jumping, switch countdown jumps, countdown jumps, and free jumps at will, have a life-and-death showdown with friends, learn from each other, see who is the real king of rope skipping, and motivate yourself to continue to surpass.

4. The convenience of smart jump rope

Traditional skipping ropes are often made of hemp rope, which has a rough surface and is easily scratched, and is extremely clumsy. The smart jump rope is overall more slender, but it will never make it erratic. The steel wire rope is wrapped with thick PVC to realize free adjustment and flexible operation.

5. The aesthetics (appearance) of the smart jump rope

The beauty of digital counting jump rope is absolutely impossible to learn from traditional skipping rope! Take a look at this exquisite craftsmanship, metal integral molding + CNC precision cutting + bite flower design + partial anodizing, the high-end texture of frosted metal, like a finely crafted art, showing taste and grade.