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Smart Jump Rope Gives the New Function of Sports Intelligence

Ⅰ. Why is the smart jump rope popular?

Because skipping fitness as an unlimited field can be free to carry out comprehensive aerobic exercise, has been widely loved by skipping people and young people, intelligent skipping fitness can not only effectively help train and improve the physical response and exercise endurance of skipping people, but also help them maintain personal posture fitness and coordination, so as to better achieve the purpose of physical fitness.

Ⅱ. The smart jump rope on the market mainly has the following functions:

1. Counting function of intelligent skipping rope

Many sports brands have launched a low-cost jump rope with a screen display counting function, connected with a magnetic sensor, help the jump rope accurately record the number of smart jump rope, can get rid of the traditional jump rope counting trouble, inaccurate and other problems. Some smart jump ropes add timing, calories, and other corresponding functions to the counting function.

2. Data synchronization function of intelligent skipping rope

Smart Jump Rope synchronizes data via Bluetooth and a mobile app. Smart skipping rope can also have an exclusive jump rope application for mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones and smartwatches and is matched with smart hardware in the exclusive jump rope application field, providing users with diversified training modes and interesting competitive challenges.

Intelligent rope skipping application has a wealth of built-in functions, not only has the cloud synchronization function, social sharing function, but also has free course training professional guidance.

3. Intelligent skipping rope has social sharing function

Some smart jumpers, like our smart LED jump rope series, also sync with the app's cloud data, showing jump speed, number of companion ropes, average frequency, etc., and recording daily, monthly, and yearly jump data. Smart Jump rope can also compete with friends in PK in software applications, share sports data and participate in sports lists.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for sports experience. Adding technical factors to the smart jump rope handle and connecting with apps on smart devices makes it more fun for people to jump rope sports.

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