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What Are the Principles and Effects of Massage Guns?

Before introducing the massage gun, first, understand the benefits of relaxing the fascia and muscles. The reasons for muscle soreness after exercise are not only muscle damage, but the fascia may also cause muscle soreness and discomfort for a long time due to tightness. Lajin not only relaxes the muscles, but also relaxes the fascia, but the fascia is usually difficult to relax through Lajin and massage. It must be assisted by tools such as massage guns to restore the elasticity of the fascia and relieve muscle soreness.

In fact, relaxation of muscles and fascia is not only required by athletes. Housewives often do repetitive housework, while office workers sit in front of the computer for a long time and work, which will cause the muscles to be in a tight state, causing muscle soreness, the shoulder, and neck. pain problem.

1. What is the massage principle of the massage gun?

Our professional fascial gun mainly uses the mechanical principle of vibration to give the muscles and fascia a continuous and deep pressure to shatter and relax the tight parts of the muscles and fascia. During the vibration process, the temperature of the muscles will rise and the blood circulation will increase. To achieve the effect of relaxation, accelerate the elimination of muscle fatigue, and restore muscle function.

Many people have questions, can't massage the muscles with both hands to achieve the effect of helping relaxation?

In fact, our muscles have high toughness and thickness. Simply massaging the muscles with the strength of both hands can only stay on the surface of the muscles and cannot effectively massage deeply. Therefore, this is why, obviously, I work hard to massage the sore parts to both hands. The soreness did not decrease significantly the next day.

2. What are the effects of massage guns?

The main fascial gun use is to relax the muscles and fascia, which can help people who exercise for a long time to quickly recover from muscle fatigue and maintain sports performance.

In addition, if your muscles are tense due to standing or sitting for a long time, you can also use a massage gun to help your body relax.

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