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The Working Principle, Advantages and Common Problems of Smart Jump Rope

Ⅰ. How does the smart jump rope work?

The built-in Hall sensor of the smart jump rope detects the rotation of the rope bearing, and accurately obtains the 360-degree circular motion of the bearing through the built-in algorithm. It can also accurately perceive the details of the user's jump rope stuck, making the counting more accurate. When the skipping rope is connected to Bluetooth, all skipping rope data will be synchronized to the APP. Calories, frequency and other data will be accurately calculated according to personal parameters.

Ⅱ. What are the benefits of smart jump rope?

1. The price of smart jump rope is higher than that of ordinary skipping rope, but the benefits of skipping rope are not diminished at all. It increases the fun of skipping rope, and is a smart sports equipment with high cost performance.

2. Skipping rope can exercise almost our entire body. Through the data recording, sharing and competition of skipping rope, smart LED jump rope can guide us to stick to the sport.

3. This smart fitness equipment can turn the wire into a cordless ball, which is very suitable for beginners and children to stimulate the interest of skipping rope.

Ⅲ. Purchase matters of smart jump rope

1. The handle does not need to be too heavy, it will be tired after holding it for a long time. The connection between the handle and the rope should be designed with bearings and can rotate freely.

2. For beginners and intermediate trainers, it is recommended to use a smart jump rope with PVC material wire. The wire is relatively light and suitable for different age groups. It also supports changing the cordless ball. The smart skipping rope includes counting and countdown functions, suitable for aerobic training and comprehensive training.

Ⅳ. The common problems of smart jump rope

1. Is smart skipping rope an aerobic exercise?

Rope skipping is an aerobic exercise that consumes less time and energy, and is one of the most efficient exercises in aerobic exercise. In terms of energy, skipping rope for 10 minutes is about the same as jogging for 30 minutes or dancing for 20 minutes.

2. Can smart skipping help you lose weight?

Long-term insistence on skipping rope can help us lose weight, of course, combined with a reasonable diet. The process of skipping rope can effectively burn fat, especially the excess fat in the buttocks and legs.

3. How to lose weight by skipping rope every day?

The best time to skip rope every day is more than half an hour. Tests have shown that 5 minutes and 140 jumps per minute is equivalent to jogging for half an hour. So people who want to lose weight by skipping rope can slowly try to approach this speed. But for beginners, you still need to do what you can and gradually increase the speed.

4. Will skipping rope hurt my knees?

If you jump wrong, you will definitely hurt your knee. Do a warm-up exercise before jumping rope. When skipping rope, touch the ground with your toes or the soles of your feet. Never jump very high, and never jump with a full sole.