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8 Abdominal Ab Roller Exercises to Help you Keep a Good Figure!

Speaking of the abdominal wheel, many people may think that the abdominal wheel is only used to train the abdominal muscles, but in fact, the ab wheel machine is designed not only for the abdomen, but also to train the whole body muscle groups, and can even stimulate the muscles of the buttocks and legs. Today, Yan Xing will talk in detail about the 8 ways to use the abdominal wheel, helping you practice all over the body!

Abdominal ab wheel wall style

Facing the wall - hold the abdominal wheel facing the wall, hold the abdominal ab roller with both hands flat on the wall and push up along the wall, while the body should be extended upward with the wheel, and then slowly return to the initial position when it reaches the limit, and so on.

Training parts: upper body, shoulders, chest.


Abdominal ab wheel kneeling

Movement: knees on the ground, inhale, hands grip the handle, push forward and pull the abdominal exercise, while extending the body to the maximum, and then return to the initial position of kneeling position, so repeatedly.

Training site: to the abdominal muscles, waist stimulation is the biggest, and at the same time the arm, arm, chest, and other parts can also play some auxiliary exercise.

Abdominal ab wheel standing

Movement: legs apart slightly wider than shoulder-width, holding the wheel forward, paying attention to the waist and abdomen with force, breathing to keep up, do not hold your breath.

Training parts: mainly exercise to the waist and abdomen, while stimulating the shoulders and arms.

Abdominal ab wheel back style

Exercise: sitting on the ground, the abdominal machine on the back, hands grab the abdominal machine handle to push back and forth, at the same time, the body back to the maximum extension, and then back to the original position.

Training parts: Exercising the upper body back and shoulder strength at the same time can also stretch the shoulder ligaments.

Abdominal ab wheel yoga style

Exercise way: sitting on the ground, the legs apart into a V-shaped, hands grasping the handle of the abdominal machine, the body extended forward to the maximum limit, and then return to the original position.

Training parts: lightly stimulate the arms, chest, and abdomen, suitable for girls, and beginners.