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Smart Jump Rope Pure Review

I recently got into jumping roping on those days when it’s too hot to run outside and I wanted a way to count my jumps so I can track my progress as I improve. This digital jump rope has been the perfect solution. Here’s what I like and don’t like about the jump rope:


  • Super Long

I'm 6 feet tall and the smart skipping rope I was using was a little too short for me so I ended up being hunched over. This one is super long. Way longer than I need it to be. That makes it easy to find the perfect length for your height and preferences.

Smart Jump Rope Pure Review 1

  • Easily Adjustable Length

The adjustment method is a simple little clip that works great for getting the perfect length. You simply pull the extra rope through the handle and then clip the excess to the rest of the rope. It's simple, easy and very effective. This is especially helpful for initial setup when you’re trying to figure out how long you want it to be.

Smart Jump Rope Pure Review 2

  • High Quality

This thing feels well made and sturdy. It's comfortable to hold and doesn't feel like it's going to break in my hand. The handles appear to be powder-coated aluminum and have stood up to several drops already since I’m still getting the hang of jumping rope and keep snatching the handles out of my hand when I mess up. So far, they’ve been super resilient and are still going strong.

Smart Jump Rope Pure Review 3

  • Carrying Bag

You get a little fabric bag for carrying the jump rope and charging cable. It’s a nice little touch for throwing the digital counting jump rope into my gym bag and not having to worry about it getting all tangled.

  • Keeps Track of Jumps and Calories

One of the handles has a little display screen on it that keeps track of the number of jumps and the number of calories. There’s a little button that lets you switch between what information is displayed and you use the same button to clear/reset the count. The counter keeps track of every revolution of the rope and so far it seems to be spot on. I’m still learning so I mess up a lot but it seems to do a good job of tracking full revolutions. I’m not sure where it gets its calorie information so I don’t know how accurate that is, but I have a smartwatch for that.

Smart Jump Rope Pure Review 4

  • Rechargeable

You get a USB cable for charging the handle that has the display on it. It doesn’t seem like I’ll need to charge it often as I’ve used it a bunch already and haven’t needed to charge it again yet.

Smart Jump Rope Pure Review 5

  • Accompanying App

Though it doesn’t appeal to me since I have a smartwatch, this jump rope does come with the ability to download an accompanying smartphone app that tracks your usage and a lot of other data. I can’t say how well it works but it’s nice that they offer that capability to integrate and track usage.



  • Smooth Handles

Though the handles feel nice and smooth, they're maybe a little too smooth. I'm still learning so I often step on the rope and the smooth handles pull out of my hands easily. I'm sure I'll get better as I practice but it might have been nice to have a little bit of rubber grip on the handles to help with that. Just a minor issue.



  • Rubber Rope

The rope itself is basically a rubber/plastic type of material and will probably wear out easily if you’re using this outdoors or on rough surfaces. It would be pretty easy to sleeve it with something more durable or add beads or something to it but I just wanted to point that out as it might wear out quickly if you’re using it on rough surfaces all the time.


Overall I'm very happy with this jump rope and I would definitely recommend it.