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Characteristics of the Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Smart body fat scale is a product that can detect body fat percentage. Its functions are actually very simple: weighing, recording, and most importantly, measuring the amount of fat in the human body.

The measurement principle is also very simple. When we stand barefoot on the smart body fat scale, a weak electric current passes through our skin. Based on the principle that fat in the body does not conduct electricity while water in the body does, an effective resistance value is detected.

The body fat scale can measure our body data such as age, gender, and height by incorporating it into a big data sample model. Moreover, this weak electricity does not cause any harm to human body, so there is no need to worry.

Introduction to smart bluetooth body fat scale

The smart body fat scale can test users' body fat and body mass index parameters as well as their heart rate and air quality. It can be connected to an analysis scale through a mobile app.

It can also establish files for users' weight, fat data, metabolism and heart rate changes. The smart body fat scale can help us manage our physical health.

Smart body fat scale uses BIA bioelectrical impedance technology. Users only need to measure it once to know 11 body data such as body fat rate, water content rate, basal metabolism rate, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, body mass index, weight, body score, and age, which is more comprehensive to understand your body condition and make timely adjustments and improvements.

If the fat content is too high, the smart Bluetooth body fat scale will remind users to exercise more and reduce fat content. If it detects that the protein content in the user's body is too high, it can analyze their dietary patterns and then remind users to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Functions and features of smart body fat scale

Precise detection and sensing

The measurement results of the smart body fat scale can be accurate to 0.01 kg. If the user eats an extra piece of cake or drinks a few sips of water, it can detect it very accurately.

This high-precision measurement is extremely advantageous for many people who care about their appearance or fitness plan. The smart body fat scale facilitates their fitness plan, builds a beautiful physique, and shapes a beautiful appearance.

The smart body fat scale is also helpful for sports, weight loss and shaping. It can accurately monitor users' body fat percentage, water content and body mass index data, and can also synchronize with the data of smart sports wristbands, which is more convenient.

Smart body fat scale: Accurate Sensing

High-performance smart chips are used for accurate measurements, efficient durability, and smart APP monitoring, providing health advice and guidance.

For people who insist on exercising, working out, or maintaining a good body shape for a long time, how to enjoy the fun of taking photos in their social circles? The smart body fat scale APP can help them know the changes in their body.

Based on the user's measurement data, it will provide healthy guidance and advice, such as recommended exercise and dietary guidance. For fitness enthusiasts, it can also customize fitness plans.

Curve recording

The smart bluetooth body fat scale records your body changes for a long time, analyzing curve data to show weight changes at a glance. This is great news for women who want to get the perfect body shape.

Network cloud data connection

Open the APP of the smart body fat scale, scan the QR code on the smart body fat scale, and read the related data of the smart body fat scale through real-time internet connection.

Body fat scale data monitoring

After connecting to the APP using the smart body fat scale, the APP will display body data such as weight, protein, body fat rate, basal metabolism, water content, and other body data

APP switching function

By opening and closing the smart body fat scale APP, different weight measurement methods can be set for different groups of people.

Recording of body fat data

After the user weighs in every day, the data is recorded on the body fat scale, and a curve chart of weight changes and daily average data such as weight loss and fat loss are automatically generated for user's easy reference. Users can fully understand their body fat status.

Automatic turnover machine

Intelligent gravity induction, the scale automatically turns on when you place it, and the smart body fat scale automatically turns off after the device is placed back.

The body fat scale is only an auxiliary product for judging health, and cannot monitor your body health. Maintaining a healthy body requires regular life and daily exercise. The smart Bluetooth body fat scale only provides a rough idea about your body condition.