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Smart Jump Rope: Children's Sports Companion

Why is skipping rope called "the king of sports"? A person who weighs 70 kg skipping rope at a moderate speed for 1 hour can consume 844 calories. The same person, running at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour (2-3 meters per second) for 1 hour, can only consume 657 calories.

Ⅰ. What is the difference between smart jump rope and ordinary skipping rope?

The electronic counting skipping rope can help you accurately count the number, without frequent counting, and make you more focused on skipping rope. The smart jump rope can not only calculate the number of skipping ropes, but also have functions such as calorie mode, timing mode, weight mode, etc., and can also automatically remind it. It is practical and inexpensive. Don't you want it?

Ⅱ. How to choose a smart jump rope?

No matter what brand of skipping rope is now, they are roughly as follows:

  • PVC rope → helps to reduce the resistance and error rate of skipping rope, recommended for daily use and training;

  • Nylon rope → easy to swing, pay attention to the feel, which is conducive to mastering the rope skipping technique;

  • Steel wire rope → low wind resistance, fast rotation speed and small wrist force when swinging, which is conducive to improving the speed of rope skipping;

  • Pearl knot rope → not easy to knot, tap powerfully, and help to control the rhythm of skipping rope.

Personal advice: If you don't want to be a professional skipper, choose any of the above. For something with low technical content such as skipping rope, if the material of the rope body is put aside, there will be only intellectualization. This is also related to the cost issue. You can choose skipping rope according to your own budget.

Again, if you don't want to become a professional skipping athlete, just want to simply skip a rope, and pay attention to cost-effectiveness, it is recommended to choose a smart jump rope. No need to download APP, no need to learn complicated operations, most importantly, it is lightweight, safe, and very friendly to children!

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