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Can a Smart Weight Scale Measure Body Fat?

For many people who care about their physique, a smart weight scale has become an essential tool. In recent years, the newly developed smart weight scales have not only greatly improved the convenience of measuring weight but also added many additional functions.

Among them, the function of measuring "body fat" is very useful for those who want to lose weight and keep fit, as it provides guidance for formulating and adjusting body shaping plans.

However, some people have raised questions about the accuracy and scientific basis of measuring body fat with a weight scale. Can the body fat content really be measured just by standing on a weight scale?

Principle of a Smart Weight Scale

The components that make up our body include muscles, fat, viscera, bones, water, and inorganic salts. There are many methods to measure body composition, such as underwater weighing, skinfold thickness measurement, infrared measurement, MRI/CT scanning, and so on.

The common smart weight scale we see uses the "bioelectrical impedance method." The principle of this detection method is that the fat tissue in the human body has low water content and poor conductivity, while muscles and viscera have high water content and are easy to conduct.

Therefore, by using a harmless, extremely weak electrical current to measure the resistance values of different components in the body, the content of fat or other body components can be calculated.

Since the body needs to "conduct electricity," the subjects are required to bare their hands and feet to contact the metal electrodes of the instrument.

A Smart Weight Scale is Sufficient for Daily Use

As a simple and easy-to-use, relatively accurate measuring method, the "bioelectrical impedance method" has been well-promoted in scientific research, sports, clinical, health examination, and other fields in the past decade.

Regarding the accuracy of its measurement data, it is actually the same as the question of whether a professional camera or a smartphone camera takes better photos. Although it is not very accurate, it is sufficient for daily household use. After all, even the "gold standard" measurement method of underwater weighing still has some degree of error, let alone a home-smart weight scale.

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