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Is A Massage Gun Worth Buying?

Why Use A Massage Gun?

In summer, many people have joined the army of sports to lose weight, and many people have been planted with massage guns. The super-popular sports item this summer is the electric muscle massage gun. Some people are crazy about Amway: the massage effect is excellent, and it is said that it can also slim down legs and reduce fat. But there are also various doubts: it looks like an IQ tax, and it feels useless.

Let's have a good dig today.

Are you cool after using the electric massage gun?

Right! It is true! Very cool!

The place that was shot by the massage gun electric massager is like being deeply massaged, the muscles are relaxed and the whole body is comfortable.

Many people who have used the electric gun massager have this feeling. To sum it up, it can be summed up in 3 words, so cool!

How Do Massage Guns Actually Work?

We also consulted experts in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation to understand how does the massage gun really work:

I believe that everyone has such an experience. When the muscles in a certain part of our body are particularly tense, the muscles will feel "stiff" when touched, and then "sour and refreshing" when pressed.

This relatively "stiff" point is actually called the trigger point, which is equivalent to the gathering point of pain. Repeated pressing and pushing of this point can soften and relieve pain. This is what we achieve with the new massage gun.

In short, the new trendy massage gun can stimulate deep muscles (relax the trigger point), achieve the effect of relaxing muscles, and improve blood circulation to a certain extent.

And compared with hand pressing, the frequency is higher, the intensity is greater, and in terms of somatosensory, it will be more refreshing. If you need a massage to relax your muscles, you can arrange a massage gun.

Generally, the regular massage guns on the market will have corresponding product instructions. According to the instructions, using the right place, controlling the strength, and time will not be a problem.

As long as it is used normally and according to the specifications, the electric fascia gun will generally not hurt the body.

How To Properly Use A Massage Gun Effectively?

Speaking of which, maybe many people can't wait, so how to effectively use a massage gun? What is the right way to use it?

First give the conclusion that the portable muscle massager can be used in places with rich muscle tissue, such as forearms, upper arms, thighs, calves, buttocks, back muscles, and shoulder muscles, but must not hit joint bones, nerves, and blood vessels.

When we run, walk for a long time, or sit for a long time, we will feel that our legs are sore and uncomfortable, especially after a long run or a training session, we may feel shivering when walking.

This is because the muscles between the thigh and the calf are tight. At this time, you can use the popular massage gun to "shoot" on the outer side of the thigh and the inner and outer sides of the calf, which will make you feel more comfortable.

Be careful here, don't hit the bones and joints.

If you take heavy objects (such as carrying a big watermelon home) or do smart strength training, your arms will feel sore, and you will not be able to lift them up.

Then you can use the massage gun to relax the muscles in the forearm flexors, biceps, and deltoid.

Be careful not to use it on the collarbone, armpit, and back of the hand.

Sitting at a desk for a long time, lowering your head to play with your mobile phone, or sitting in the wrong posture, you will often feel sore shoulders and neck, as well as sore back and buttocks. This is mainly because our trapezius, levator scapulae, quadratus lumborum, and gluteus maximus are too tense.

We can also use the massage gun to relax the corresponding muscles.

Percussion Massager Instructions

Finally, the class representative summarizes the time.

  • Tips For Using Massage Gun

For professional sportspeople, it is more recommended to use a professional fascial gun. After exercising, the muscles are tightened, especially for medium and high-intensity exercise, such as running 10 kilometers, if only stretching and relaxation are not enough, massage is necessary.

For some people who have exercise habits, such as running every day, their calves will definitely become tight, and they should still massage regularly. You can use a good-quality massage gun to relax.

Usually, I want to find a massage parlor during the day shift, but I can't find it. It is also good to use a massage gun to relax and relax my muscles.

  • Proper Way To Use Massage Gun

Be sure to avoid joints (that is, don't hit your bones) and parts with rich nerves and blood vessels. If you have cervical or lumbar neuropathic pain, don't use it casually.

People with cervical or lumbar neuropathic pain, minors, pregnant women, people who wear pacemakers, and fractures should not use it.

It can be used as a massager occasionally, but it should not completely replace the massager. After all, the massage gun has taboo parts.

Don't expect to use the massage gun to reduce fat in the legs and clear the meridians, that is nonsense, don't be fooled.