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Functional Analysis of RC1 Smart LED Jump Rope

The RC1 smart LED jump rope has an LED display to clearly see the current exercise data. Built-in wireless function, support connection to mobile APP, and data is transmitted to APP in real time.

This smart LED skipping rope series APP supports a variety of sports modes, as well as a competitive mode. The smart function in skipping rope can make our skipping rope more interesting.

Ⅰ. The function of RC1 smart LED jump rope

1. Interact your sports data with smart life apps

Connect to the Smart Life APP and record your every jump. At the same time, the app generates a report with the number of jumps, calories burned, duration and average speed after each jump.

There are three training modes for you to choose from: Free Training, Timed Training and Counting Training. What's more, you can compete with your friends in the app and break the space limit.

2. Built-in Hall sensor, more accurate counting

The smart skipping rope is equipped with a high-precision Hall sensor, and the number of skipping ropes will increase only when the bearing rotates 360 degrees. This advantage records your real athletic performance and makes the game more fair.

3. Vibration reminder

The built-in vibration motor can prompt you to reach your goal or time it effectively when you are immersed in exercise.

4. Long battery life

Our smart skipping rope is powered by an advanced 300mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 87 days on a full charge of 1.5 hours. No need to charge frequently, saving time and environmental protection.

5. Large LED digital display

The main handle is equipped with a large LED digital display, up to 9999, and you can see the jumping numbers at a glance when exercising. In addition to jumping numbers, the display also supports countdown time and battery status by pressing the shortcut button.

6. Tangle-free PVC rope

The rope is made of soft but durable PVC material, there is no need to worry about knotting. Compared to steel wire rope, it will not break for a long time and you can straighten it easily. What's more, if you accidentally bump yourself while exercising, you won't feel as much pain either.

Ⅱ. Detailed information of RC1 smart LED jump rope

1. Share skipping rope data

This is a smart LED jump rope that supports connection to APP. Through its smart function, you can team up with friends who like to skip rope, share skip rope data, and challenge.

2. It is easier to stick to skipping rope

Through these interesting records and sharing, it will make it easier for you to stick to aerobic training at home to achieve the goal of losing weight and strengthening your body.

3. Easy to store and portable

Our smart rope LED jump rope bag also comes with a drawstring pocket for easy storage and portability.