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Analysis of the Composition and Functional Scheme of Smart Jump Rope

Ⅰ. The composition of smart jump rope

The smart jump rope includes rope skipping equipment, a three-axis acceleration sensor and a cloud training database. The rope skipping equipment consists of a rope body, a power module, a Bluetooth module and a handle. The three-axis acceleration sensor and the rope body are connected to each other, and the input end of the three-axis acceleration sensor is connected to the power supply. The output end of the module is connected to each other, the output end of the three-axis acceleration sensor is connected to the input end of the counting processing module, the output end of the counting processing module is connected to the input end of the local storage module, and the mobile terminal device is connected through the Bluetooth module and the handle in the handle. Bluetooth modules are connected to each other.

The smart jump rope with data analysis is composed of a handle and a rope body, and the skipping rope can be connected with a mobile terminal device through a Bluetooth module, which is convenient for recording the speed and quantity of the skipping rope, so as to better manage the skipping speed of the user.

Rope skipping is also a very convenient and efficient exercise. For runners, it can exercise the endurance and elasticity of the arch of the foot, which is definitely the secret weapon to improve PB. For ordinary people, smart skipping also has a very good fat-burning effect, and it is more fun and easy to stick to.

Ⅱ. The program function of smart jump rope

It is a bluetooth skipping rope in China. This product combines a simple and effective exercise method with an easy-to-use APP, effectively and scientifically counts exercise data, and manages exercise plans anytime, anywhere. In an increasingly tense life, it can also make you Stay healthy and exercise at all times.

1. The functions include counting, timing, and calorie counting, and sports data sharing can be achieved through the APP (Moments/WeChat).

2. Historical record query; PK of calories consumed and food eaten, complete victory or complete defeat.

3. Add music; set personal information, gender, height, age, current weight, target weight.

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