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Can Using a Smart Hula Hoop Lose Weight? Is It a Tax on Intelligence?

Can smart hula hoop really help with weight loss?

Let's first analyze the principle of smart hula hoop exercise:

When turning a hula hoop, stand with both feet and use the waist and abdomen muscles to twist the body to start the movement of the hoop.

The main muscle group used is the waist and abdomen muscles, which can produce shaking. Over time, the muscles in the waist and abdomen will tighten, achieving the goal of slimming the waist. In fact, regular body shaking can also consume body function and exercise body muscles, making the body slimmer, while hula hoop exercise accelerates this process.

Therefore, we can draw two conclusions:

  • Hula hoop exercise can help with weight loss;

  • However, this type of weight loss is only local.

What is the difference between local weight loss and overall weight loss?

Local weight loss can only exercise certain muscles, such as hula hoops and dumbbells; overall weight loss can mobilize muscles throughout the body, such as running and swimming. From the number of muscle groups involved in the exercise, we can see that trying to achieve overall weight loss through local weight loss is unrealistic.

However, smart hula hoop also has its advantages:

  • More convenient:

This exercise can be done at home/dormitory and can be done while watching TV, allowing for full use of free time.

  • More focused:

Hula hoop exercise focuses on slimming the waist. If you are in good shape elsewhere but have more fat around the waist, focused exercise will help slim it down faster.

Is a smart hula hoop a waste of money?

If we compare traditional hula hoops and smart hula hoops, we can see the difference between the two.

Smart and traditional hula hoops both achieve waist slimming through exercise, but smart hula hoops are optimized based on traditional hula hoops.


If you have a 200-square-meter house, you can buy a traditional hula hoop of any size, but for students and people who have just entered the workforce, living spaces are usually small, so it is not realistic to use such a large traditional hula hoop for waist exercise.

A smart hula hoop can automatically adjust according to your waist size, occupying less space and is easy to carry. It is convenient to bring it with you when you go out traveling or go home.

Freeing your hands:

A smart hula hoop is a hula hoop that won't fall off. It requires you to use your waist strength to move the gravitational ball, which can fully mobilize your muscle group. And because it won't fall off, you can also read or use your phone while exercising, making it one of the few exercises that are convenient for time management.

Automatic counting:

Anything needs feedback to keep going! With traditional hula hoops, you have to count how many times you have turned it. It's easy to forget while you are counting, and you won't know if you've exercised enough, but smart hula hoops can automatically count the number of turns, so you know exactly how much you've exercised.

Directly connected to exercise data:

Nowadays, it is the era of the Internet of Things. Personal health data is extremely important. You can only know if you have enough exercise data. This is why sports bracelets are so popular now. They can collect your exercise data.

Some more advanced smart hula hoops can also connect directly to your phone, providing you with exercise data and making it easy for you to make adjustments.

Massage your waist:

Good smart hula hoops have spent a lot of effort on massage function, which can relax your waist and abdomen while exercising and make it very enjoyable.