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The Use of Intelligent Abdominal Muscle Wheel and Analysis of Related Problems

Ⅰ. How to use the smart abdominal muscle wheel for beginners?

When doing abs rollers, tighten your abs, don't collapse your lumbar spine, lean your pelvis back, pinch your hips, and use your core to stabilize your torso. If you don't meet this requirement, it is recommended that you stop using the ab wheel for training, choose some less difficult core strength training to work your abs, and try it gradually.

Ⅱ. Can the abdominal muscle wheel train the abdominal muscles?

It can build abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscle wheel to exercise the abdominal muscles also depends on the quality of each person's body. You can see a certain effect in about three months, but if you only use the abdominal muscle wheel to exercise the abdominal muscles during this period, the effect is very good. It's not obvious, it's best to match it with other exercises, in order to exercise the abdominal muscles faster.

If you are obese, it will definitely take longer, because the body fat rate of abdominal muscles is between 10 and 15. If the body fat rate is high, you must first lose fat before exercising abs.

Ⅲ. How many abdominal muscle rounds are appropriate to do a day?

The ab roller exercise machine can help you train various parts of the body, and you can set the number according to your body part. Generally speaking, it is enough to do about three sets of exercises a day. In each set, it is about 5 to 7 times. Generally, it is enough to do about 20 times.

But at the beginning, when you use the abdominal muscle wheel, you must get familiar with it first. Don't pursue quantity, but pursue quality. The use of the abdominal muscle wheel is usually ignored by everyone, and some small details, so you must also use it when you use it. Pay attention to details. Novices only need to do 1 to 2 sets a day, which is actually enough. If you do too much, it is easy to damage the muscles of the body.

Ⅳ. The use of abdominal muscle wheel precautions

1. The amplitude should not be too large at the beginning. You can practice small-scale rolling first to practice the supporting strength of the shoulders.

2. Do not lock the elbow joint when practicing, it is easy to cause damage to the elbow joint. When you have a certain foundation and move forward, the lower limbs should also follow forward, opening the hip joints, so that the range of practice will be greater. But don't slump.

3. The abdominal muscle wheel mainly exercises the lower abdomen. For most people, the upper abdomen is more obvious, and the lower abdomen is relatively poor. So it's a good way. During the start-up phase, it is recommended that the abdominal wheel be placed directly under the shoulders so that it is easy to control.

4. The force on both sides of the wrist should be even, and uneven strength can easily lead to a shoulder injury. To increase the difficulty, you can change from kneeling to forefoot support, which has a greater range of motion.