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What Parts Should I Avoid when Using a Massage Gun?

1. Avoid massage guns in places with dense bones, joints and nerves

In the process of massaging with a massage gun, avoid bones, bone junctions, and nerve-intensive parts, such as the spine, knees, elbows, etc., so as not to cause damage to nerves and bones.

If you press the massage gun directly on the bone, there is a risk of bone displacement, the safest massage area is the large muscles (thigh muscles, arm biceps).

2. The injured part cannot be massaged with a massage gun at will

If there is obvious tingling in the muscles, it may have been inflamed, injured, and there are open wounds on the body. Do not use the pro-gun massager to avoid serious injury. It is recommended to seek professional medical assistance, because the effect of the massage gun is to help Soothe tense muscles. rather than treating already injured muscle tissue.

3. The massage gun should avoid the neck and spine

The spine and neck are full of nerves and blood vessels. For example, there are 2 carotid arteries and 2 vertebral arteries near the neck. When massaging, try to avoid these 4 blood vessels to avoid blood vessel damage caused by the massage gun. Symptoms that lead to arterial stripping, cardiovascular blockages, and even stroke.

A simple sentence: Do not use the electric fascia gun on the spine and neck.

4. The difference between massage gun and other massage tools?

Before massage guns have appeared, the most common tools are foam rollers (yoga columns) and fascia balls, both of which are static massages. Although some muscles cannot be massaged due to tool limitations, it also takes a little more time. Massage, but the same can achieve the effect of relaxation. The advantage of the massage gun is that it can quickly massage into the deep layers of the muscles by means of high-speed vibration, and it will feel great in a short time.

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