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What is the Correct Way to Use the Abdominal Muscle Wheel?

Among all home gym strength training equipment, there are many pieces of equipment that are more common, such as the abdominal muscle wheel. The abdominal muscle wheel is relatively common, and the ab wheel equipment is relatively simple. Of course, there are many benefits to practicing the abdominal muscle wheel. I believe many people do not know the correct method of the abdominal muscle wheel. So, what is the correct way to use the abdominal muscle wheel? Let's learn about the abdominal muscle wheel together.

1. Preparing for the use of the abdominal muscle wheel

Before doing the abdominal muscle wheel exercise, we still need to do some preparations, because before each exercise, if we can prepare well, it can also assist the subsequent exercise.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the posture of the back and hips. At this time, our back should be slightly arched, and there is a small fold in the area from the upper abdomen to the chest. This is because of the function of the rectus abdominis. Let our torso flex, so we need to maintain this posture to allow the abdominal muscles to participate in the movement.

2. Use the abdominal muscle wheel to stretch the torso forward

In fact, the most important thing in this exercise process is that we should stretch forward while holding the abdominal muscle wheel, and in the process of stretching. It is not to move forward casually, but to pay attention to the control strength.

If we can control the strength, we can exercise our body trunk well, but if there is no way to control it well, the body will swing with the rolling of the abdominal muscle wheel, so if the amplitude is too large, the muscles of the body will be hurt.

In the process of stretching, we should also pay attention to controlling the core to participate in the movement, because during this movement, the goal is to tighten the core area, not to stretch our spine, stretch, and contract as much as possible within a controllable range. Contract the abdominal muscles and pull back the ab roller exercise equipment, and the abdominal muscle wheel training will be effective.

3. Pull the abdominal chakra back to the body

In the process of this action, the back must be straight, but when we grow, the back will also bend, and the entire upper body must remain unbent for the best.

If everyone's upper body is like doing a plank, it will cause the abdominal muscles to have no way to contract and exert force, so we cannot exercise our abdominal muscles.

Everyone knows that the abdominal muscle wheel is stretching the body and pulling it back. Some people think that no matter how far it is pulled, the body can be pulled back. In this case, abdominal training is ineffective, so everyone needs to pay attention.