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What Is a Smart Body Fat Scale? How Accurate Is the Measurement?

What is a smart body fat scale?

A smart body fat scale is a weight scale that integrates a body fat measurement function. In the past, people focused more on their weight, but with the popularization of fitness, body fat has become a more scientific indicator of obesity.

The smart body fat scale can be paired with a dedicated app on your mobile phone, and based on the user's age, gender, height, weight, and body fat, the app calculates the user's physical condition, much like a medical body component test.

The analysis provided by the smart body fat scale makes it easier to understand your body composition. "Why complicate something that can be determined by looking at someone's belly?" This is probably the first impression that many netizens have of the smart body fat scale.

Indeed, we can easily judge whether a person is fat or not from their physique, so why buy a scale to tell ourselves whether we are fat or not? The reason is not wrong, but the function of a smart body fat scale is not just informative, but more importantly, it converts our feelings into visualized data and charts, and records and analyzes the results.

Data from the smart body fat scale

The smart body fat scale does not focus on the quantity of test results, but on improving the accuracy of existing data. To this end, the smart body fat scale is equipped with a high-precision BIA chip that measures human biometric resistance accurately, and is equipped with up to 4 high-precision pressure sensors, improving the detection accuracy by 5 times.

On this basis, the smart body fat scale also uses model algorithms to analyze the data to obtain final index data, in order to provide users with more reasonable training plans.

Is the smart body fat scale practical?

The smart body fat scale can only be used as a reference. However, we still recommend that users who need it can consult doctors in hospitals for related opinions. Generally, the nutrition department of a hospital can perform body composition analysis, and the cost is mostly less than 100 yuan.

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