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The Composition and Function Analysis of Smart Jump Rope

The smart jump rope tracks the number of exercises, duration and calories burned. The new intelligent hardware equipment and software system are integrated into the traditional skipping rope, and the data is transmitted to the mobile phone APP through Bluetooth, thus deriving the smart jump rope, an emerging sports mode.

1. The main components of smart jump rope

The smart jump rope is mainly composed of the main handle, the secondary handle and the rope. The main handle has its own LED display screen, which can display the skipping mode, skipping time and skipping times in real time. At the same time, the main gamepad is equipped with two buttons, the left button is used to switch the jump rope mode, the right button and long press data to clear zero.

The smart jump rope handle has a groove design, which is mainly used to freely adjust the rope length when the rope is worn. A rope skipping can be used by people of different heights, saving the cost and improving the effective utilization rate of the rope.

Smart jump rope is a charging jump rope with USB jack on the main handle. Short charging time, long battery life. Charge 1.5 hours, can last 60 days, environmental protection and energy saving.

There are five jump rope modes to choose from. Include free jump, countdown jump, backward count jump, family mode and competitive mode. The first three modes can be used without connecting to the mobile APP, and the three modes can be switched at will. The latter two modes need to be connected to the mobile APP through Bluetooth to enter the motion mode.

2. Function analysis of smart jump rope

Hall sensor is used to detect the rotation of the rope skipping shaft, and the built-in algorithm is used to accurately obtain the 360 degree circular motion of the shaft, which makes the rope skipping count more accurate and can accurately perceive the details of the user's rope skipping stuck trip rope. Anti-glare LCD backlit display clearly indicates the current skipping mode, number and duration information. When the smart jump rope is connected to Bluetooth, all the jump rope data will be synchronized to the APP, and calories, frequency and other parameters will be accurately calculated according to personal parameters, making your movement more three-dimensional visualization.

Intelligent skipping rope has real-time recording function. Through the dual magnetic head sensor, accurate and real-time record of each swing rope, without the athletes themselves count, time, so that the athletes more focused on the jumping rope itself. The jump rope data will be automatically synchronized to the cloud, which is convenient for athletes to view and analyze. In the APP, all kinds of data will be displayed through the bar chart and line chart, and the movement situation will be clear at a glance.

Smart rope jumpers can initiate activities online, either as organizers or initiators of activities. Online fitness activities can break the space limit and make skipping more fun for many people to compete on the same stage. In sports to achieve self-value, to meet the needs of fitness and spiritual needs.