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Are Smart Hula Hoop Rings Useful?

The smart hula hoop ring is more and more popular recently. Every slogan uttered by the businessman can accurately poke into the hearts of people who want to lose weight. Are smart hula hoop rings useful? How is it different from a normal hula hoop ring? 

1. How does the smart hula hoop ring turn?

Let's talk about the traditional hula hoop first.

The rotation of a traditional hula hoop is a complex three-dimensional movement.

When turning the hula hoop, our body is equivalent to a shaft. In order to fix the hula hoop on the waist and resist the centrifugal force, centripetal force, and downward gravity generated during the rotation, we need to continuously tighten the muscles of the waist to activate the waist. The effect of a full circle of the abdomen on the relevant muscle groups.

Combined with other movements, it is also appropriate to exercise the coordination of the whole body.

However, the traditional hula hoop has many limitations, such as hitting the arms and legs causing bruising, improper use and heavy weight hula hoop can easily lead to lower back injuries.

One of the most persuasive points is that you can't turn around at all!

In response to this problem, the smart fitness weighted hula hoop appeared.

Similar to the principle of the traditional hula hoop, when turning the smart hula hoop ring, we also need to continuously tighten the muscles of the waist and abdomen to resist the force generated by the weight ball and maintain balance.

The difference is that the smart hula hoop is fixed on the waist, so although it may still not turn, it will not fall off. Moreover, the weight of the weight ball is limited, and the exercise intensity and the impact on the waist are correspondingly reduced.

However, the smart hula hoop ring, as a step-down version, has a lower training effect than the traditional hula hoop and also loses the effect of training coordination.

2. Who is suitable for a smart hula hoop ring?

Compared with the traditional hula hoop, the smart hula hoop is more suitable for beginners, the home space is not big enough, or friends who want to exercise while playing with their mobile phones (of course not recommended).

As for the functions such as vibration and magnet massage that everyone sees, they are basically gimmicks of merchants and have no substantial effect. Therefore, it is still necessary to decide whether to choose a smart hula hoop based on your actual situation.

No matter what exercise you choose, you must pay attention to what you can do. As for the various difficult challenges that are very popular on the Internet, just give a "like".

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