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Precautions for Using Massage Gun

What should I do if my body still feels tense after doing stretching exercises? It's ok! Leave it to the massage gun! The massage gun uses the principle of vibration to relax the deep muscles and fascia that cannot be touched with bare hands. After everyone's awareness of sports is high, there are a lot of massage guns, but there are still many people who have never used massage guns who don't know how to use it correctly to relax the stiff muscles! Then come and see with us!

Ⅰ. The principle of massage gun

Human muscles have a certain thickness. If you just massage with your hands, unless the force is very strong, it is difficult to press the deep muscles. The massage gun uses the principle of vibration to effectively push the muscles to the depths for slapping to achieve a relaxing effect. Also because of the frequency of vibration, it may take several hours to massage by hand, but it may only take a few minutes to use a massage gun to achieve a relaxing effect.

Ⅱ. The use of massage gun attention

Although it is said that the massage gun can quickly achieve muscle relaxation, several points must be paid attention to when using it. If it is not used correctly, it may have adverse effects.

1. Attention tract size

The reason why the massage gun is designed with multiple stages is to adjust the size of the force. The human body has many muscle groups, including large muscle groups and small muscle groups. If it is too large, it may cause injury. In addition, it should be noted that the massage time should not be too long, but it will not relax for too long, and it will also put a greater burden on the muscles.

2. Pay attention to the timing of use

Sometimes muscle soreness is not all that can be cured by massage. It is not suitable to use a massage gun due to muscle inflammation caused by excessive use. It should be relieved of muscle strength first, and ice/hot compresses according to the instructions of professional coaches are the best strategy.

3. Pay attention to the parts used

In addition to the major muscle groups and minor muscle groups mentioned above, if you need to use them at the joints and head, you should pay more attention. The nerve distribution in these places is relatively dense. If you press the wrong place or use it improperly, it may cause danger. Severely paralyzed. Therefore, when using these parts, it is recommended to ask professional instructors for the best way to use them.

In addition, many massage guns in the instruction manual clearly prohibit the use of massage guns on sensitive parts of the human body, especially for girls.

4. Choose the right massage head

Not all the heads attached to the massage gun are suitable for use. It is recommended to use a round head for massage when the soreness is not clear. If you use a too pointed head and press the wrong place, it may cause sequelae. So when using other shapes of massage heads, be sure to ask professionals how to use them.

Ⅲ. How to use the massage gun

The massage time will be different for different parts. The recommended massage time for small muscle groups is 3 minutes, and the recommended massage time for large muscle groups is 5 minutes. When the massage part turns from sore to soothing, do not overuse it. If you feel unwell after the massage, please seek medical attention immediately for your own safety.

Stretching and stretching are still very necessary: in fact, the best way to relax is to stretch muscles, which is the most effective training! In each training, when resting between sets, it is best to do a Lajin movement, which not only moderately relaxes the muscles, but also makes the lines look better!