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Is It Necessary to Use a Fascia Massage Gun After Exercising?

A small friend left a message asking about whether you must use a fascia massage gun to relax after a fitness exercise? This question is a bit too rigid. Then let's ask, when there was no massage gun before, what did bodybuilders rely on to warm up before exercise and relax their muscles after exercise? Before the emergence of massage guns, such as fascia ball, fascia relaxation axis, and even more, there will be special massage therapists to relax muscles. So why do some friends have such an idea? Nothing more than the following:

1. The popularity of massage guns

In fact, the popularity of massage guns in gyms has been in the early 2018 period, and it is not common in gyms.

Due to the popularity of massage guns on the Internet in recent years and the use of many stars on the NBA court, it has become a point of curiosity for everyone. What is this gun-shaped product?

After that, the myofascial massage gun became popular, and every person in the gym used a massage gun for warm-up before exercise and relaxation after exercise; the field field became an artifact for treating leg cramps in a short time; the office became a weapon to relieve lumbar muscle strain, etc. And other reasons, people will think of massage guns in the first time.

2. High efficiency of massage gun

It is not that massage guns are the only choice when relaxing muscles, but the efficiency of using pro massage gun to release muscle fascia is the highest, which is equivalent to manpower, financial resources and time costs.

For example, when you are resting after intense exercise, you can use a massage gun for foot pain, and you can relax your chest and arm muscles without letting others help you.

There is also a sudden cramp in the calf when you are on the court. If there is no professional masseuse present, it is impossible to rub the cramped muscles away. If there is a deep muscle percussion massager, it will be easy to rub The twitching muscle and its fascia are broken up. This is all due to the high efficiency of the massage gun in massaging muscles!

So the final conclusion is that massage guns are not necessary, but the effect is the most efficient among many massage and relaxation products.

Let me explain again: starting a massage gun is not to pay the "IQ tax"! ! ! Choosing a fancy massage gun is an unwise choice.