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How to Use a Massage Gun to Massage and Relax Arm Muscles?

In this article, YANXING FIT will show you how to relax the muscles of the arm through a massage gun. Today, we mainly analyze the biceps of our forearm and the front of our forearm.

On a daily basis, our arms are used very frequently, whether we use them for daily work or entertainment. And if you are a fitness crowd, you often grab barbells and dumbbells, so our forearms often need to be used. In the case of often holding children in daily life, many mothers will also cause muscle tension in the forearm and forearm. By using a massage gun to target our forearm and forearm to relax the muscles.

Today we will introduce in detail how to use the vibration gun for muscles to massage and relax the muscles of the large and small arms.

1. Forearm massage with massage gun to relax

First of all, when we relax the arm muscles, we choose the sitting position. Then palm up, and enlarge the palm of the thigh. Then adjust the electric fascia gun to the second gear, and then start combing from the inner side of the forearm. Gradually transition from the inner side of the forearm to the distal end to the position close to the wrist joint. Be careful not to touch the wrist joint. Because the muscles of the wrist joint are relatively weak, there will be more bones. It can be very uncomfortable if it reaches the bone.

Relax the inner side of the forearm, follow our muscle fibers, and comb the forearm from the proximal end to the distal end to gradually transition to the distal end. When we have finished relaxing the entire front of the forearm, try to rotate the arm slightly, that is, the palm of the hand will turn the arm in turn. At this time, more forearm muscles will be exposed, which will transition from the innermost side to the outer side, and approach the elbow joint to the lower wrist joint. We only deal with the muscles in the forearm, without involving our joints, to prevent the massage gun from having a certain impact on the joints or causing unnecessary damage.

The forearm in the arm is not suitable for combing and relaxing with those sharper tips because of its weak muscles and long muscle fibers, so there will be spherical or flat tips for our forearm massage.

2. Relax the front of the arm of the massage gun

After the forearm is relaxed, we will work on the biceps on the front of the arm. The biceps muscle is a muscle that is frequently used in daily life. It starts from the shoulder joint and ends at the elbow joint, and the muscle is on the front side of the arm. You may not know why it is called the biceps. In fact, it consists of two parts: one is located on the outer side; the other is located on the inner side, which means that it is composed of two parts. When we relax, we can't just take care of one of the directions. We need to let the arm rotate in different positions and relax the entire part of the biceps.

Generally speaking, up we will hit the position below the shoulder joint, and down will be close to the elbow joint. Although the insertion point of the biceps crosses the elbow joint, in fact, at the elbow joint, the biceps is more of a tendon. Our goal is to deal with muscles, so we will not overdo it. Process down.

In daily life, your biceps are more sensitive or tense, so we can try to use a more soothing myofascial release gun for massage and relaxation. That is to say, the flat tip is replaced with a flexible tip.