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How To Breathe While Jumping Rope?

Many novice skippers have this situation, after picking up the rope and jumping for about 3 minutes, they start to breath heavily. Many rope skippers also encounter this problem, and they have a common reason - the problem of breathing.

So what is the correct way to breathe while skipping rope?

smart skipping rope

Choose slow and deep breathing

If the breathing rate is too fast during exercise, the inhaled air cannot be exchanged with the air left in the respiratory tract, so that the amount of air that actually enters the alveoli is small, which can easily lead to fatigue and even dizziness.

In order to maximize the efficiency of breathing, improve cardiopulmonary function, and save a lot of physical energy, we need to take slow and deep breathing. Deep breathing can increase alveolar ventilation and air exchange rate, making ventilation more effective, which is very powerful for endurance exercise.

In the process of skipping rope, it is recommended that beginners skip one time for one breath, four times for one breath when they are proficient, and six times for one breath when the speed is fast.

When feeling tired during skipping rope, many people will shrug their shoulders and tight all over the body. This situation will make the body excessively tense and speed up breathing, resulting in dizziness, chest tightness and other discomforts. When you feel very tired, you need to stop exercising and adjust your breathing, relax your shoulders on both sides, focus on your abdomen, inhale through your nose to expand your stomach, and then exhale through your mouth to exhale the air in your stomach until your breathing gradually eases.

Correct breathing habits can greatly improve cardiopulmonary function, which is not only conducive to the improvement of exercise ability, but also to the enhancement of fat burning effect.


When instant muscle strength is strengthened, it is necessary to hold your breath for a short time

Usually when we jump rope fast, in order to break through the most difficult point of force, we often use a breathing method - holding your breath for instant muscle strengthening. The purpose of holding your breath is to stabilize the rib cage and pelvis, stabilize the core, and provide a solid support point for muscle contractions.

The correct and reasonable method of holding your breath should refer to the following points:

  • The inhalation should not be too deep before holding your breath;

  • When the breath-holding is over, in order to avoid a sudden decrease in the intra-thoracic pressure, let the intra-thoracic pressure have a buffering process of gradually decreasing, and the exhaled breath should be gradually squeezed out from the glottis;

  • Holding your breath should be used at critical moments of victory, such as sprinting. PS: The time of holding your breath should not be too long!