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Fat Burning Home Sports: Smart Jump Rope

Rope skipping is an excellent fitness exercise, which can effectively train the individual's reaction and endurance, maintain the fitness and coordination of the individual, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.

Liu Dongao, the head coach of the national rope skipping team and the referee of the World Rope Skipping Federation, said that rope skipping is a perfect exercise. It is simple and easy to do, has no restrictions on sports venues, and can enhance nervous system function, improve human cardiopulmonary function, improve eyesight, lose weight and shape body. It is a good way of fitness to promote the healthy growth of children.

For people who pay attention to the figure, skipping rope is an excellent fat-burning exercise. Not only does it have high fat-burning efficiency, but it can also effectively slow down muscle loss to achieve a shaping effect. The overall fat-burning and slimming effect is more efficient than running.

In addition to the function, the smart jump rope is also well controlled in details. The ABS anti-slip handle and the 360° universal bearing not only increase the comfortable grip, but also make the movement smoother and more flexible. The rope is made of wear-resistant PVC wrapped thick steel wire rope, which is strong and durable.

The smart step skipping rope makes skipping rope as exciting as playing a game. So what should be paid attention to when using smart jump rope?

  • You must warm up before jumping rope, which can help us quickly enter the state of exercise, and at the same time avoid muscle strains on the way of jumping rope, reduce the probability of our body injury, and improve our training effect.

  • Using smart jump rope, skipping rope should be controlled between 4 and 6 times a week, and proper rest and thinking are also required during the exercise process to effectively speed up.

  • The time for smart rope skipping needs to be controlled between half an hour and two hours. If the time is too short, the effect of fitness will not be achieved. Excessive training for more than two hours will make the body extremely tired.

  • The style of smart skipping should also be determined according to your own weight needs. You cannot jump blindly, otherwise it will easily cause knee and ankle injury. At the same time, try to choose the way of landing or running and jumping with both feet at the same time.

  • The stretching action after using the smart jump rope is very important. The stretching exercise is conducive to the relaxation of the body, promotes blood circulation and relaxes the tense muscles, prevents the stiffness of the muscles and the accumulation of blood in the muscles, and also improves the blood circulation. The strength of body muscles prevents the appearance of radish legs.

Remember to warm up and stretch before and after using the smart jump rope. You can learn with the video!