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What to Consider When Using an Intelligent Hulahoop?

Choose a suitable weight for the smart hula hoop

Although using a hula hoop does not harm your internal organs, this is only true for ordinary hula hoops. Some people choose to use weighted hula hoops to achieve better weight loss results.

However, the heavier the hula hoop, the greater the impact force. When you feel "sore all over and effective exercise", you may already have suffered "internal injuries".

The weight of the hula hoop should be no more than what two fingers can handle.

Do not use the smart hula hoop during menstruation

Women may develop corpus luteum cysts around the ovaries during the middle and later stages of menstruation.

Since cysts are fragile, excessive pressure on the abdomen can cause the cysts to rupture, and the resulting internal bleeding can be fatal.

During menstruation, the uterus is fragile and cannot be exercised recklessly.

Control the exercise time of the smart hula hoop

It is best to exercise for more than 30 minutes for weight loss, but no more than 1 hour, and it should be based on your own physical condition.

If your body is suitable for this exercise, you can do it for a longer period of time. You should do it separately throughout the day and not concentrate on one hour.

Note: This exercise is not suitable for those with lumbar muscle strain, spinal injury, or osteoporosis.

Choose a suitable smart hula hoop

When choosing, place the hula hoop vertically, with the height slightly higher than your navel, is more suitable. If you have a larger body type, you can choose a slightly longer diameter. On the other hand, if you have a smaller body, you can choose a slightly shorter one.

For the weight of the smart hula hoop, you should try different weights as much as possible to find the one that suits you best. This is the key point. It is not always the case that the smaller and lighter the hula hoop is, the easier it is to use. In fact, it may be the opposite.

Currently, there is also a popular soft rope hula hoop, also known as a spring hula hoop, which can deform and is elastic. In essence, it is not much different from the traditional hula hoop, but it is still more challenging than the traditional one.

It requires higher core strength and body coordination, and can be used as a high-level advanced choice.

Improper massage weight loss using the smart hula hoop

For some merchants who advertise weight loss using the hula hoop, or for some smart hula hoops with massage functions, it is best to take it with a grain of salt.

For those who are afraid of pain, a massage hula hoop is really unfriendly and can cause great pain in the waist. Moreover, its effect is the same as that of an ordinary hula hoop. It only performs comprehensive exercise, and cannot target slimming the waist.