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Solution Development and Procurement of Smart Body Scales

1. Why can smart body scales measure different data of the body?

It depends on how the scale works. Most of the common weighing scales on the market currently use the "BIA bioelectrical impedance analysis method", because the tissue structures of different parts of the human body, such as muscle and fat, have different electrical conductivity.

Since fat contains almost no water and has extremely poor conductivity, when a person stands on a smart weighing scale with his feet and his skin touches the electrodes, a microcurrent is generated and circulated throughout the body, thereby obtaining the body fat and fat content of the human body.

This is why we need to stand on the scale specified by the merchant with both feet when using the scale. In this way, the measured microcurrent can be efficiently generated.

Is this method of body measurement accurate? Since we get up in the morning and go to bed at night, the condition of the body is constantly changing, even if it is just one minute and the next minute, the conductivity of the body is also different.

Therefore, the body fat percentage, muscle percentage and other data of all smart body scale are just for reference. If it is measured every day, it is best to set a fixed time, such as getting up in the morning. Such data will be relatively comparable.

2. What aspects should I start with when purchasing a smart body scale?

If you have the opportunity to test the product, you can wear the same clothes in a short period of time, repeat the measurement 3-5 times, and compare the data each time. If there is not much difference in the data, it means that this smart body scale is relatively stable. If the data is very different each time, you can consider changing it. Try to measure with your feet apart and your feet together. If the data is close, it means that the bluetooth scale is not reliable.

Read more about promotions and product descriptions from branded manufacturers. If a scale product claims to be able to measure bone density, bone age and other functions that require professional measurement, consider looking at other scales. Measurement of bone density, bone age, etc. Cannot be measured by bioresistance techniques. This feature is obviously exaggerated or even falsely advertised.

Whether the APP is easy to use or not is also a question to consider. Different bluetooth scales use different apps, whether it is easy to connect, whether it is easy to disconnect, the transmission speed and synchronization between the data measured each time and the mobile app, whether the app is easy to use, whether the records of multiple data are accurate, etc. Factors to consider when buying a smart body scale. After all, all our data records are in the APP and can be viewed at any time.

In addition, according to the measurement data, whether relatively high-quality physical improvement suggestions can be given is also the different role of each scale. You can learn more about several scales to see if the different suggestions are really effective; and whether this Bluetooth scale supports more associations with various sports apps to synchronize data, if you have fitness needs, you can also consider it.

Finally, it depends on the production process of the actual product and whether there are obvious defects in the product as a whole. Don't trust the brand blindly, read more and understand more.

When choosing a smart body scale, don't pay too much attention to how accurate its data is. It is necessary to know that the complexity of the body will directly affect the data of each measurement, as long as the data of multiple measurements are continuous. Don't pay too much attention to the brand. Although big brands have their own advantages, such as stable quality, there are many factors to consider when choosing a smart body scale. Brand is only one factor.