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How to Choose a Smart Body Weight Scale that Fits You?

When it comes to smart body scales, the first thing you need to consider is the shape. Currently on the market, there are mainly two shapes: square and round. Many people think that shape does not matter, but that is not the case.

Shape of smart body scale

With the same dimensions, the area of a circle is smaller than that of a square. Therefore, when standing on a square smart body scale, you will feel more stable and comfortable. Conversely, the stability of a square scale can improve the accuracy of the smart body scale. That's why square scales are slightly more expensive than round scales.

Range and accuracy of smart body scale

The range and accuracy of a smart body scale are important factors to consider when purchasing.

In general, a basic smart body scale can meet the weight measurement needs of most people. However, when a heavier person stands on a small scale, problems may arise.

Currently, high-quality smart body scales have a weight range of over 150KG and can cover most people. The accuracy of the measurement mainly depends on the scale's response to slight weight changes. A good quality smart scale can usually measure to 0.1KG, while inferior products can only detect whole numbers.

The smart body scale market is currently chaotic, with different scales showing different measurement results for the same person.

Intelligence of smart body scale

The intelligence of a smart body scale refers to whether it lives up to the "smart" name. Currently, many products on the market are advertised as smart body scales, but only fulfill the name in their title.

A true smart scale should automatically sense weight when you stand on it, and turn off after a few seconds of inactivity. Even if you leave immediately after use, it will not continue to display the measurement for a long time until the battery runs out, like a traditional electronic scale.

The biggest advantage of a smart body scale compared to a traditional scale is that you do not need to manually record your weight every day. It can help you record and sync with various health analysis software to track your weight information at any time.

Many online smart body scales not only measure weight but also body fat, bone mass, muscle density, and other values. This is done by sending a very safe low-level current through the body to measure bioelectric resistance, a technique widely used for many years. Although the results may not be very accurate, they can continuously monitor various indicators of the body.

The disadvantage of using a traditional body scale is that you need to remember the results every time and write them down with a pen. This is a piece of cake for a smart scale that can connect to the internet. It automatically sends the measurement results to the cloud server or your phone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you can view the results on your computer or phone at any time. However, one minor problem is that you must download the corresponding application on your phone or computer.

The brands and models of smart body scales on the market are varied, which may cause some difficulty in choosing. After reading these points, we hope that you can make a wise decision.